Wednesday, February 11, 2015

eShakti Clothing Review

A few months ago I was contacted by the ladies at to see if I would do a review of one of their pieces of clothing. eShakti is a clothing website that creates custom pieces just for you. And...since I have such a hard time finding things that fit me, I figured, hell yeah!

They have THE CUTEST clothes on their website, especially if you're into vintage fashion. Super adorable dresses along with skirts and tops that are to die for. No matter what they occasion they will have something for you. From cute sundresses to wedding wear eShakti has it.

And...they fit everything exactly to your body. For every order, you have to take a variety of measurements so they can be sure your garment fits exactly as you wanted it. They even show you how to take each measurement so you don't make any mistakes.

They also customize according to your preferences. For example, like that black tank above? Want it long sleeved? They'll do it! Is the skirt on that dress you love a little too long? They'll make it shorter. Or vice versa. And do you prefer a sweetheart neck as opposed to that v-neck they're showing? You got it! They're that versatile!

As far as my experience went, I can't complain. My first choice was a cute fitted blue dress that I had wanted to wear to a friend's wedding. Unfortunately, when it came, it did not fit at all. I was a little skeptical to order a dress to begin with, however, because my body is so inconsistent. I have huge hips and a tiny waist, long legs and a small chest, so....not very conducive to fitting into dresses. They were super cool about it, though, and only asked for a picture of the dress and for me to send them my other selection.

So, for my next selection I decided to go with something I knew I could wear to work, and would probably have a better chance of fitting. And this is what I ended up with!

The skirt fits awesome. has pockets!! It's a little snug on me (hence the reason it's a little high), but that is entirely my fault. For skirts you chose a size and then have some other measurements to take. I went for the smaller of the two larges, so it was my fault. And, truthfully, I'm happy about the fact that it's a little small since I'm working on my fitness right now.

Overall my experience with eShakti was great. They worked wonderfully with me and even dealt with my long waits in between orders. (I'm really indecisive.) They were very prompt with their exchange and did a great job of making sure everything I wanted was included.

Make sure when you order, however, that you are very specific in what you are asking for. Take your measurements correctly, and make sure you read everything on the page. Don't assume a skirt is a certain length, read through to make sure you are understanding the length shown. Then you'll get exactly the product you want!

And...styles go quickly, so head on over and check them out!!
You even get a $40 gift coupon for registering!!

I received this skirt complimentary in return for my honest review of All comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Love the skirt! It looks so good on you!

  2. oh girl that skirt looks fantastic on you! I love how you styled it too!!

  3. Love how the skirt looks paired with a jeans jacket and pockets are awesome! i'm sure they come in handy for your job. I've bought two baggy pants similar with pockets that I wear to work and they're super comfy!

  4. I love me some eShakti! Such a cute look with that maxi skirt.

  5. I love eShakti. I keep putting things in my cart then on pay day I have to choose my favorites!