Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Giveaway: Let me see you FLEX

Ever heard of Flex Watches before?? No?? Well, you are certainly in for a treat!

Flex Watches is a company that was started one goal in mind, "to make a difference in people's lives". They are based out of San Diego, California and was created by two young men looking to make a change. During their first campaign they were able to raise enough profit to provide 15,000 meals for children in need in Mexico. By providing these breakfasts, students get the opportunity to be more focused and able to concentrate on their studies.

Flex Watches made their big debut in 2011 on The Real World San Diego.  I remember watching that episode and vividly thinking about how awesome it was that 2 young men started this business to benefit charities all over. During this episode, the cast of The Real World happen to run into Trevor and Travis at a local bar. Throughout their chat Nate, one of the cast members, decided it would be a great idea to create a watch that would benefit The Living Memoir, a charity he created that focuses on the awareness of suicide and suicide prevention. And from there, Flex Watches took off.

From that moment on I have followed Flex Watches and seen the company grow into the awesome charity that it is today. Most recently, Trevor was on The Millionaire Matchmaker and I decided to check out their website since I hadn't been on recently. One of the first things I noticed was an opportunity for Campus Reps, a chance for high school and college students to help spread the word about Flex Watches, their premise, and any happenings with the company. Immediately, of course, I thought of this blog and how I would love to take the opportunity to do the same.

Not only do Flex Watches take the opportunity to give back, but their product is awesome. All watches are silicone and most have interchangeable faces so you can mix and match for your outfits!! And, a ton of celebrities have gotten in on this action, too. Most recently, David Cruz from The Millionaire Matchmaker has helped to create a collection called Let's Just Love, and Tyga helped collaborate for the Last Kings collection.

My favorite is the new Venice collection. They come in 5 awesome colors and look so sleek on your wrist. It doesn't matter whether or not you're a man or a woman, they look awesome!! The black one will be my next purchase. For sure.

And, as a special treat for you, Flex Watches was generous enough to send me a watch for you! So enter below and be sure to stop by their page and check this awesome company out!! It's your choice. Whoever wins can choose between the White Classic or the Pink Venice!! See you tomorrow for Thursty Thursday!!

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  1. I love a company that stands for something! The blue venice watch and the leopard watch are so cool! All of them are!

  2. I love this watch!!!

  3. I have been looking for the perfect all white watch! Love this and the company sounds like a cool concept!

  4. I really like the white slim watch! Next in line would be the White Sports

  5. I like the Zebra on so cute!!