Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Valentine's Day Edition

It's Thurrrrsty Thursday!!

What better drank for Valentine's Day than something nastay nastay!! And it makes a whole punch bowl's worth of nastay!! So here it is!

The Pink Panty Dropper!!
Clearly this isn't my picture. But, I couldn't find a source so I hope no one sues me!!
18 cans of beer
1 bottle everclear (didn't specify with it?? twss)
1 bottle tequila (same as above)
1 gallon maybe pink lemonade (you know I'm not good with measurements)

Mix that shit!

I would put the beer last but the other recipes call for beer first. To me I would add it after everything else is mixed in so it stays carbonated. 

And....tequila makes her clothes fall off so....drop them panties!!!

OK ladies it's your turn!! Scroll on down, grab a button, and link up with me!! Remember it doesn't have to be a drank. It can be anything Valentine's Day Party related!! Decor, food, playlists.....anythang!!

I'm going to do a few more Valentine's Day themed posts so I didn't want to reveal too much this week. :)

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1. Follow Hopelessly Ever After via GFC or Bloglovin'.
2. Grab a button from below and put it in your post.
3. Write about your favorite alcoholic beverage, tablescape, appetizer, entrée, decorations....anything for a partaaayy!!
4. Come back here and link up!!!
5. Get some new recipes or drink ideas for your Valentine's Day and make a new friend!!
6. Send a tweet with #ThirstyThursday and include @leggs532 so I can see it!!

Don't forget, the next linkup is the last Thursday in February!!

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Hopelessly Ever After
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday!!

Don't forget tomorrow is the Thirsty Thursday linkup!! Anything that I can use for my Valentine's Day Parrrrttaayyy!! So it can be a drank, a tablescape, playlist, recipe, gift ideas, decorations, DIY.....anything!!! I can't wait to see what you might have in store for me!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


OMG!! I want to be on a beach with sand in my toes and tequila in my mouth right now!! I'm so over this cold weather. I'm a total blitch and lazy as crap. How am I supposed to lose weight when I can't get out from under my blanket?!?!?!

Rum Point

My friend told me she's headed out to Cancun next week or something. Heaux. Thanks for leaving me stuck here in this cold below freezing temperature. I mean honestly?!?! Is there a point for Groundhog Day next week?? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure Mother Nature has decided to marry Jack Frost and screw us all. Who needs a stupid groundhog named Phil to tell us that...oh hey, winter's not over bitchezzzzz!!! Really?!?! Because my electric bill and frostbitten toes didn't already remind me!

Cozumel Bar Hop

The snow days have been nice, until June when it's gorgeous and warm outside and we have make-up days that take us into July!!! Oh, but you have 3 months off!! NOPE!! Not this chick! I work em all. I might have a total of a week off in the summer. And we use that to go on our cruises...which mind you are much more expensive in the summer. Truthfully, however, the one summer I did take off was incredibly boring because everyone else was working and I got lazy and fat and became an alcoholic.

So for now, until it gets warm and beautiful like it was on the days we were in these places, I'll continue to be miserable and complain. Because what else is there to do when it's colder than a witches tottie out there?!?! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Now Hiring: A Nanny for my Husband

Why is it that when guys are sick it's like the world is ending?!?! You really think you're going to die, don't you?? THEN GO TO THE DAMN ER!!

Mike has had some kind of stomach issue for the last 4 days. The flu is going around but, it doesn't seem like that. The only time he throws up is at work...which reminds me, remember when we were in school and used to lie about throwing up in the bathroom just to go home?? Yeah....and he hasn't had any "bathroom" problems so I'm calling "bullshit". I think he's just a puss. Like most men...

However, despite all the moaning and groaning and painful screams, he still won't go to the ER. This was literally our conversation last night...mind you this is when he came home from work at 2 in the morning and scared the shit out of me because he didn't tell me he was coming home.

Mike: "I almost stopped at the hospital."
Me: "Why didn't you?"
Mike: *shiver, shiver, moan, shiver, moan* "Because they probably wouldn't do anything."
Me: *eye roll* "Oh."
Mike: *shiver, shiver, groan, shiver, moan, shiver* Repeat 2380236876529708502395 times.
Me: "If you're seriously having that hard of a time you should probably go to the ER. You sound ridiculous. I mean if it's that bad you're probably going to die tonight, so we might want to head out."
Mike: *miraculously stopped shivering* "You're mean. You don't even care how I feel." *remembers he's supposed to shiver...shiver, shiver, moan, groan, shoot me.*
Me: "Listen, you're shaking the whole bed. I'm getting nauseous."...........

Ugh...they're so dramatic!!

Like Mike can literally say..."Man I feel like I might be getting sick." and I'm online looking for flights far far away. Any nanny takers for when Mike's sick?!?!

What do you do when your man acts like that?!?! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Day: $60 VS Gift Card Giveaway!!

Today is the last day for the giveaway ladies!!! I'll be choosing the winner tomorrow and sending out the email!! Don't forget I will be checking all the entries so don't you be a liar!!

Jess :: Morgan :: Marty :: Alicia :: Candra

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Next week is Thirsty Thursday!!!

For those of you who are new this month, the last Thursday of every month we link up for Thirsty Thursday. We used to do it every week but it got to be kinda crazy plus made me look like a total alchy so we changed it to something more manageable. 

The linkup is very simple. Every month there is a theme and you can link up anything "entertaining" related that goes along with that theme. It can be a drank (alcoholic for drink), an appetizer, dessert, playlist, party ideas, DIY....anything.

This month's theme is going to be (drum roll, please).........................VALENTINE'S DAY, duh. What else would it be? Plus I need some ideas for how to get my hubby in bed. haha. jk. I just like an excuse to drink, so alcoholic dranks are always recommended. Date ideas and presents are awesome, too. I usually do something stupid for V-Day like make guacamole.

The linkup will go live Thursday January, 28 at midnight!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for me!! You can grab the linkup button from my sidebar!!

Don't forget to go enter the giveaway!! It ends tomorrow and believe me you don't want to miss it!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taste of Tuesday - Crockpot Ham Potato Soup

Don't forget about the giveaway going on right now!! $60 to Victoria's Secret for some sexaayyy!!

OK, so first off, this was originally created by Paula Deen. So...I'm just saying you should try it for that reason only. lol. But, as usual, I changed it around a little to make it fit us.

Crockpot Potato Soup with Ham

1 package (30 oz) frozen hash browns, cubed not shredded
3-4 cups ham, cubed
3 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup diced onion
8oz 1/3 less fat cream cheese (you can use regular, of course)
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
green onion for garnish
pepper to taste
additional herbs as you like

Mix all ingredients except for cream cheese and shredded cheese in crockpot. Put on medium or high for about 4 hours.
Add cream cheese and shredded cheese. Cook an additional 30 minutes.

Done. BOOM!

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's a V-Day VS Giveaway!!

Sexy ladies!!!! Who needs some Victoria's Secret credit?!?! 

Well, here's your chance. Some hott ladies and I are giving away a $60 Victoria's Secret gift card! I figured what better way to celebrate this LOVEly holiday than to give some lucky lady something sexy sexay to wear for her man!! Or...if you're a sexy single lady, buy something for yourself!!

Jess :: Morgan :: Marty :: Alicia :: Candra

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Happies and Crappies

This has been a crazy week, I feel like. But surprisingly, not much to write about.

1. Some fabulous girls and I are doing a Valentine's Day giveaway on Monday!! Not going to tell you what for yet, so you have to come back. But, I will give you a hint: It will allow you to buy something sexay sexay for V-Day!! (however, see #1 below.)

2. This week went by fairly quickly. I mean when I think back on it Monday seemed so far away, but the week didn't seem to take long.

3. I think I might have convinced Mike to do some painting this weekend. When we moved into our house the entire thing had been repainted for us. Which is awesome. But it is all the same color. The entire house..........So, I need some accent walls in my life. We did paint one in the living room and one in our bedroom before we moved in, but I need some more.

4. It's the freakin' weekend!

1. I was a slacker and couldn't get everything together for my giveaway. It was supposed to start today but I had some issues last night and couldn't send everything. I always feel bad when stuff like that happens. But, like I said be sure to stop back on Monday so you can enter!!

2. I didn't make it to the gym at all this week. Read more about it over here. No need to repeat.
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What you know bout me??

I thought I would be random today. I love it when people make blog posts that include questions that they have to answer about themselves. It really helps me get to know them and I usually am amazed by how much we have in common. So, I literally Googled "random questions about yourself" and found this post with 50!! Don't worry, I'm not doing all 50. I just went through and chose the ones that ended in 0 or 5. :) Check out the rest though....there are some good ones!!

So here it goes!!

1. Who's your favorite Muppet? Ugh...ok?? Gotta be cliche' and go with Kermit. Sorry. I love that he's got balls (well...not literally) and said screw it!! I may be a frog, but that pig is gonna love me!! I guess she only had to kiss one frog in order to find her prince. Matter of fact, I even have his pic up in my classroom.

2. What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles? Mike and I took a spontaneous trip to Charlotte, NC a few months back. His home theater needed some place to sit so he checked out craigslist for a set in Charlotte. We love Charlotte and it gave us an excuse to visit. Unfortunately, we were only there one night but it was tons of fun and super insane.

3. What do you order when you eat Chinese food? Lord...I'm a lard ass...get ready. Usually Mike and I both get a dinner. Me General Tso's and Mike Chicken Lo Mein so that we can split each others. Then we get steamed dumplings and egg rolls and I usually get a small egg drop soup and a small white rice. OMG. Now I'm hungry for Chinese again!!

This was a "healthy" night. We shared lo mein and no egg rolls.
4. Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation. Honestly?? I don't really know what this means. haha. But...I'll go for it. Thanks for bringing up bad memories. During my first teaching opportunity I had a really hard time. Unfortunately, I must have rubbed my supervisor the wrong way and I wasn't treated very well. The sad part is this person was a former teacher of mine. One whom I loved and strived to be just like while I was going through my education. So, I did what every brave person would do and resigned at the end of the year. lol. It actually turned out to be one of the best things I did because I love the school system I work for now...other than the fact that I drive almost an hour each way every day. lol

5. Have you ever been snorkeling? Scuba diving? I have never been scuba diving and I probably would never go. I have what I call FDS (Final Destination Syndrome). If something unusual is going to kill someone it's going to be me. I literally picture myself driving off the side of the Bay Bridge every time I go across it. I even freak out every time I'm watching something where someone is suffocating or drowning because I can't regulate my breathing when I'm watching it. Yeah...I'm weird. But I have gone snorkeling. We usually go after the Sting Ray City tour in Grand Cayman. It's ok. I'm usually worried a shark is going to kill me. But eh...

6. What did you do for your 13th birthday? Uh...seriously?? I have no idea. I can't remember what I did for my last birthday....

7. What's the most memorable class you've ever taken? OK I might be changing my mind about this...these are kind of boring. Umm...I honestly have the worst memory ever. I think photography in high school was my most memorable class. Just because it was cake for someone who loves photography and takes pictures all the time. lol. I even won 1st place in our school art show. :)

8. Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight? Dumb....Clearly I'm an adult and don't save my gum on the bedpost. I also had braces for 9 years so I don't chew that 'ish til it has no flavor. I pop a new piece. 

9. Let's hope this one isn't stupid....Have you ever been in a food fight?...nope, stupid. Maybe I should have read these first and just chosen the ones I wanted. lol. My husband and I actually have food fights sometimes. Luckily our dog, Rosco, does most of the cleaning up for us. Except for the tabletops and cabinets. We try to keep it neat though. I don't necessarily consider this a "food fight" but we were playing the "let me throw this peanut into your mouth from across the room" game just last weekend. Thank God Rosco was there because I hate vacuuming and apparently we're not very good. 

10. Thank God...I don't even want to write this one. It's stupid again. Next time I'll do better, I promise... Have you ever taken a picture in one of those little booths?...Yes. Like a gazillion times. Most people have. Dumb.

OK so I thought this was going to be amazing and fun. Apparently I thought wrong. These questions were dumb which makes me want to do it again with awesome questions. Maybe next time I'll write "awesome random questions about yourself" into Google.

Or...better yet...anyone have some questions for me?!?! I'll use them!!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I want to get NAKED...

I've mentioned before I'm not really that "into" makeup. My face looks the same every single least when I put on makeup. A little bronzer, a little blush and some light eyeshadow and dark mascara. BOOM! done. Takes me about  3 minutes total. I look fabulous....must be my natural beauty. Who knows. *eye roll* But it always the same...

However, all this talk and blogging about the Naked products really makes me want some. Will I ever get any?? Nope. Too expensive. If it's not under $10 and it doesn't come from Walmart it won't be mine. Unless someone wants to buy me some (hint, hint) or I win a giveaway (hint, hint) but other than that, it probably won't happen.

I always thought I would get more adventurous with my makeup. I haven't. I think a smokey eye is gorgeous, but mine always look like I just got into a fight with Ronda Rousey. I'm sure I'm clearly not doing something right. Or maybe it's just that I've always done the whole "natural" look kind of thing and it just feels "unnatural" for me to have a smokey eye?? Who knows. But it looks dumb.

So that's it (See #1). I just really want to get Naked. Any ideas of where I can buy some super cheap?!?

P.S. Sorry to disappoint if you thought I was talking about the "birthday suit" kind of naked. *wink wink*

Monday, January 06, 2014

Top 5 reasons I suck at blogging...

#5. I just went 2 whole weeks with nothing to do and still didn't blog! I really thought that the 2 weeks I had off of school would allow me a ton of time to blog. And it did!! But did I? Nope. I sat on my lard booty and watched tv. Might as well have stuck my hand down my pants and called me a man, cuz that's about what I looked like. I even slept in! And I'm not talking 10:30 slept in. Yesterday I woke up at 12:30. PM!!! And that was pretty typical for the entire break. That is sooooo not like me.

#4. I'm horrible at reading other people's blogs. I think I have almost 2000 unread blog posts in my Bloglovin' account. I have good intentions of reading them, but I know I wont. I'll skim through and read a few here and there and then go through and delete a bunch so the number of unread posts goes down and I don't feel so guilty. And some I have to admit I just followed for awesome giveaways, but I feel bad unfollowing them because I know it hurts me when people unfollow me. So...they will stay there.

#3. My blog posts usually aren't really that interesting. lol. I mean there have been a few good ones like that time I talked about sex, the one where I peed my pants, and the one where I bashed my husband. But typically, I write for a link up or to talk about alcohol. lol. But, that's one thing I made as my blogging New Year's Resolution. I want my blog posts to be full of some awesome 'ish. I've written a few ideas down but I'm totally up for suggestions. :)

#2. I don't have a bunch of cutesy pics to add to every post nor do I like to take the time to make my posts looks fancy with a bunch of Picmonkey pics. Literally the only person who takes pictures of me is me. So....most of the time I either reuse pics or take selfies just to make sure each post has a picture. haha. Like this one for this post from Fittin' It In....(which I just happen to sneak into this post, too).

#1. I'm ADHD, so I have a hard time focusing for a long period of time. True story. So I usually start my blog posts with great intentions, but then get bored as I write and they just kind of end. Like this one. I can't think of anything else to say.....

Friday, January 03, 2014

T.O.A.T.S. FAB!!

Allie from Tales of a Twenty Something (T.O.A.T.S.) has a little sponsor blurb about me on her blog today!! And it's soooooo fabulous!! I love her! She's totally cute and quirky and her post today about why she's not ready for kids is hilarious!! I'm sure most of you have checked her out because she's awesome but if you haven't be sure to stop by and say hi!!

For anyone new stopping by from TOATS...WELCOME!!!! Sorry I haven't posted much in the last 2 weeks, I've been super lazy busy watching tv saving the world so I haven't felt like moving had much time. But....I promise once I get back to school next week I'll be better!! 

Oh!! And definitely check out the Thirsty Thursday link and get the deets about how to link up!!! We do it the last Thursday of every month!!

And if you're into fitness, or at least trying, cuz I sure as hail am no professional....check out my other blog Fittin' It In to read about my current weight loss journey. Well...minus the large obsessive amounts of unhealthy food I've eaten over the last 2 weeks. lol.

Until Monday...I'll continue to sit in this chair and watch movies!! Cheers!!