Friday, January 03, 2014

T.O.A.T.S. FAB!!

Allie from Tales of a Twenty Something (T.O.A.T.S.) has a little sponsor blurb about me on her blog today!! And it's soooooo fabulous!! I love her! She's totally cute and quirky and her post today about why she's not ready for kids is hilarious!! I'm sure most of you have checked her out because she's awesome but if you haven't be sure to stop by and say hi!!

For anyone new stopping by from TOATS...WELCOME!!!! Sorry I haven't posted much in the last 2 weeks, I've been super lazy busy watching tv saving the world so I haven't felt like moving had much time. But....I promise once I get back to school next week I'll be better!! 

Oh!! And definitely check out the Thirsty Thursday link and get the deets about how to link up!!! We do it the last Thursday of every month!!

And if you're into fitness, or at least trying, cuz I sure as hail am no professional....check out my other blog Fittin' It In to read about my current weight loss journey. Well...minus the large obsessive amounts of unhealthy food I've eaten over the last 2 weeks. lol.

Until Monday...I'll continue to sit in this chair and watch movies!! Cheers!!


  1. Cheers! What are you drinking? Can I have some?

  2. i am about to enjoy a glass of wine :) Monday is a new day, new week, time to get back on track!

  3. I love this picture... & whatever might be in that glass ;-)