Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursty Thursday Cocktail Linkup - The Grinch

Is anyone else ready for Christmas Break as much as I am? Or maybe I'm just ready for Christmas to come....and then go just as quickly. lol. caught me!! I'm not that big of a Christmas fan. It's just always so stressful and I have to spend a ton of money I don't have.

Nonetheless I try, but the anticipation is just so hard. And then BOOM! All that stress and craziness is over within an hour.

With that being said I can totally use a drink this week. So, I decided I might as well try out a new cocktail for Thursty Thursday and kill 2 birds. And...I have to admit the name of this fits perfectly with my mood at the moment. :) And I may have cheated a little and made the bartender make it for me rather than buying the ingredients myself. haha.

The Grinch

• 3 oz. peach schnapps
• 3 oz. Bacardi 151
• 3 oz. Blue Curacao
• 4oz. Sprite
• 12 oz. Orange Juice
cherry for garnish

Mix together in large pitcher and serve cold!! Just like the Grinch's heart!

My cohost this week is Jess from Livin' on Sweet Tea!! If Jess and I lived closer I can imagine we would be some crazy weekend warriors and definitely the life of the party. She is my alcohol equal and the day I get to have a drink with her will be a memorable one for sure! It almost happened in October when I cruised to her lovely home of Key West and we tried to meet up but I was a stupid hungover loser and I couldn't even hold it down long enough to have a drink with her. I suck. Anywhoooooo, definitely go stop by her blog and check out the delicious drank she has prepared for you! Make sure you leave her a comment!!

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Anyone interested in co-hosting next week email Kristin at:

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Hopelessly Ever After


  1. OH man I seriously think that You, Jess and I need to get together! We all seem to be creative in the drink dept. lol I have actually had this drink combo before and I know it is amazing! Great taste lady! I will link my post up tomorrow!

  2. That sounds delish!! I might have to make this for our family Christmas!!! :)

  3. that sounds sooo good! It also looks fun, which is generally how I pick out drinks :)

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