Monday, December 08, 2014

Ridiculously Neccesary Holiday Gifts for Men

I'm not sure this post really needs much of an introduction. Your man needs these things. Buy him them. It will make you both happy.

So...I'm pretty sure my husband could get use out of all of these and none of them are that expensive. You're welcome're welcome!!

This one is clearly my favorite.
What's your favorite?!?


  1. bahahaha I may actually buy that candle.

    1. lol. It probably smells delicious. And you know on a hungover morning, that would probably be the best cure!!

  2. Too funny! We have the exact same thought process! Our lists are basically identical!
    Why don't we live closer?

  3. I would love a bacon-scented candle.

    No comment on the soap!

  4. I bought a bacon-scented candle for my husband a few years ago but he didn't really like it- not bacon-y enough. Maybe I'll try the bathroom spray this year?
    Great suggestions :)
    Amber at