Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just A Little Hiatus...

Hey guys! So as you might know I have the next 2 weeks off for Holiday Break. I wanted to take that time to really relax and enjoy my family time. Which, I have decided, means no blogging. 

I might jump on here a few times and I'll prob post a recipe next week but...truth be told...sometimes blogging is something that stresses me out. I love to do it and enjoy it so much, but when I don't have anything to write about I worry about not posting anything to the blog.

So for the next few weeks I'm going to really take my break as time to relax and hang out with the fam and friends without anything hanging over my head. I'll probably jump on here a few times, like I said, but I'll be back in the new year!!

Don't forget no Thursty Thursday for this week and next. If you end up writing a post anyway, just save it for the 8th!

Enjoy your holiday and RELAX!

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