Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Christmas is in the Air - Holiday Movies

One of the best things about the holidays are the Holiday Movies. This week on the Christmas is in the Air linkup the theme is Holiday Movies so I get to talk about my faves!!

Actually, I'm currently taking a break from decorating my house for Christmas, so this is perfect!! It's going to totally get me even more in the Christmas spirit, which I might need right now because I'm so not motivated to finish.

I wouldn't say that I have a favorite holiday movie, but I have a few that I love to watch every year.

Let's start with the staple in our house...this is one that we turn on every tv in our house and it runs for 24 hours straight. It's actually a tradition that my husband started and I can't say I'm always a big fan. Mainly because I can recite the entire thing in my sleep.

Drumroll please..........

That's right....A Christmas Story. And this is my favorite scene of course!! Why?? Because it's hilarious and has probably caused a ton of people to check to see if it really works. Like this brilliant woman right here...



Another favorite Christmas movie of mine just has to do with my childhood. Every Christmas Eve my family would sit together in their jammies and listen to Liam Neeson read this story to us. Every time I hear Santa speak I get chills even now. And...when it came out in movie form...and 3D at that...I was stoked. That's right ladies and ladies.....The Polar Express!!

I forced Mike to buy this for me in 3D last year so we could watch it from the comforts of our own home. I have to admit, however, that we have never officially gotten arpund to it. But this year it's on. First night of Winter Break I'm loading on the vodka and dragging Mike upstairs to the theater to get some Polar Express on.


And last, but certainly not least is an old favorite that I only seem to see on tv during the holidays. Which is probably typical so I'm not sure why I mentioned it. haha. But it's a chick flick feel good movie and one that you can't pass up when you're flipping through the channels during this time of year. Love Actually. And this is one of my most favorite scenes. What can I say...I'm a sucker for love.

And I totally just fucking realized that's Rick Grimes. Walking Dead betches!! WTH? Ok so I love this movie even more now. And he looks so hot in this movie!! Now I'm totally On Demanding this 'ish and watching it tonight. Sorry Mike. :) Love You!!

So that's my list. Of course you can check out last years list for the classics because there are so many more Christmas movies that I love. But I figured I would add a few more this year. Well...besides A Christmas Story but honestly. How can I leave that out when I know it by heart. lol.

If you want to link up next week the theme is A Foodies Christmas so come and link up all your favorite holiday recipes!!! Hey if you want you can make them drank recipes and do a double link up for Thursty Thursday, too.


  1. I love A Christmas Story - my mom and I used to watch it all day Christmas Day and through the night because it was constantly on!

  2. I loved the book the Polar Express when I was a kid... I haven't been able to watch the movie because I'm afraid it will ruin it for me!! lol

  3. I got Christmas Story'ed out when they started playing it 24/7 on a couple of the TV channels a few years ago! hahah

  4. I love Polar Express! My hubby loves A Christmas Story! He has a leg lamp and red ryder! Here's my list I forgot to link and it's too late!

  5. The Polar Express is such a great movie and I absolutely love Love Actually. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Great picks. Thanks for linking up!