Friday, December 19, 2014


Today is the last day before break!! My coworker and I dressed up so we looked awesome, as usual. I love making myself look like a fool in front of the kids. They love it and think it's funny and it's no better sound in the world than children's laughter.

Book Club Christmas party is tonight!! Gettin' drank!! We usually eat out at a nice restaurant and then bar hop around town. By the end of the night we're usually dancing with random old men and women and letting all our inhibitions go!!

I have two whole weeks off of work. That means lots of drinking, lots of sitting around....and hopefully, I can't believe I'm going to say this....lots of gym time!! Get it!! I've been trying to go on nights where Mike is home from work but that also means he has stuff planned for us, too so I don't always make it. Hopefully I will get there every day with him over these next few weeks.

We're making Christmas cookies tomorrow!! We like to get drunk while we do it just in case we mess up a recipe. Then we have an excuse. :) so be on the lookout on Instagram for some yummy delicious cookie posts!! Here's one from last year!

The next Friday post will be the day after Christmas so........MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!

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  1. Correction, The greatest sound in the world is when children shut up. Laughter would be second.

    Your book club had a party? I'm missing out my friend.

  2. I am loving that holiday outfit!! So cute!