Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed like it flew past. I guess it didn't help that last weekend I pretty much had off from Wednesday night to Sunday, so a normal weekend wasn't sufficient enough. It's weekends like these that I just wish I would actually take off my summers rather than work. I know, I know....working a 9-5 Monday-Friday with no summer break makes me normal like everyone else....but truth is it would be nice to take advantage of the main perk of this job.

Friday night was really low key. Mike and I argued about what we were having for dinner for about 30 minutes then just decided to go to the store and figure it out. The never works. Then we argued in the store. haha. We ended up having cheesesteaks. See what happens when you don't meal plan appropriately??

Saturday was a surprise baby shower for our friend Taylor. Her boyfriend is Mike's best friend and they have become more like family to us then friends. We couldn't be more excited for them and are super stoked to meet Baby T. No idea what his name is yet, but that will be determined. lol. She had absolutely no idea whatsoever. When she walked in her face was priceless and she stood there for a good 30 seconds just registering it all. Then looked at her sister and said, "you asshole." haha. Oh, we love them so much, can you understand why?? Just like us. Her theme was Where the Wild Things Are and her cake was AMAZEBALLS!

Saturday night we got drunk with our neighbors. That's going to be a weekly occurrence this summer, I can just see it now. As we speak they're having a big Mother's Day brunch and I'm watching the kids try to wash her car for Mother's Day. Hilarious. Truth is a love drinking over there. We all hang out in the garage and it's only about 100 steps away from my bedroom. Can't beat that. Plus they have a cute little Shih Tzu named Daisy that loves me. lol.

Sunday morning we planned on seeing our mom's. We went in town and picked up some flowers and cards and went to Mike's parent's house. His mom loved it. My mom, on the other hand, I guess had better plans because when we called her she was on her way out to lunch on the water with my sister-in-law and the kids. Oops. Sorry mom. Maybe I'll get to see you this week some time. To top it all off, Mike's work called in and he had to go in early. He had a 16 hour shift that means, and I got left all by my lonesome......booooo. And, in case you didn't see yesterday, Rosco wishes all you pet mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day, too!!

Weekend Recap


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! That cake is too cute!

  2. That cake rules. Cute theme for a nursery.

    Being able to walk home rules. Always.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Daisy is sooooo cute!!
    I love that you have drinking neighbors. It'll be so fun come summer ;)