Thursday, May 08, 2014

These are a few of my favorite...snapchats!!

OK, so I'm new to saving Snapchats. I honestly never thought about it until one night I had an epic Snapchat battle with a few of my favs. And there is no way to document that unless you save your Snapchats!! 

Truth is I'm trying to get used to saving them so when I drunk Snapchat I at least know what I sent. I hate that!! It's so dangerous. I'm surprised there are no pictures of my vajeen out there from those nights. Uh oh....if there are please let me know. 

Anywhoooo...I was going through these last night and thought.....BLOG POST!!

OK, I admit...this might have been just an excuse to get more people to "chat it up" with me. But I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Add me! My username is brandimbarrera :-)

    Love your selfies, lol!

  2. Omg how fun is that the kids at work (high school) are constantly snap chatting!

  3. I love snap chatting with a few of my friends, snap chats can get personal haha and you show your real self, i love it.
    I HAD NO idea you could save do you do that???