Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's just as hard to be a a pet...

I know, I's a little different than "real" kids,'s still hard. Most of you know I have a gorgeous dog and cat. They are beautiful, both of them, and they match every single room in my house. lol. OK, so that doesn't really matter but....yes it does...

A few weeks ago Rosco was having some "trots" issues. He had soft serve ice cream poop for about a week and we finally switched his food and it got a little better. Then started back up again. He has since been a lot better but it was an ordeal. You could tell he felt fine wagging his tail and jumping around acting like an idiot as usual, but not having him be able to tell us what's wrong sucked.

Now, it's Boost. No idea what's up with him, but I'm really scared it's something serious. Boost is the most playful cat on the planet. He's quite lazy, but can't let you walk past him without going after your feet. Every morning he gets ready with me and plays in the shower while I do my makeup and hair. And every evening he sleeps by my feet, and sometimes on my back or head...

Tuesday night was not like that at all. I realized he was missing when I was laying in bed. I called and called and he never came. Then, I remembered I had shut the closet door and when I opened it there he was laying there. He hadn't whined to get out or scratched or cried. Just laid there. And he never came to lay in my bed. My first indication...

Then, yesterday morning when I got ready for work I realized he wasn't there. Not on the counter playing with my things while I was trying to do my makeup, not in the shower trying to catch the water droplets, and not scratching my feet every time I walked by him. When Rosco and I headed downstairs there he was my the door to his room laying on the floor. He didn't move when Rosco ran second indication.

Then, I went to give him food. He didn't cry for it like he normally does, he didn't scratch the door, as a matter of fact I had to move him to even open it. He walked in and stared at the dish. Then laid down. When I poured the water in his bowl he came over to drink it, but instead just sat there with his chin halfway in the water and eyes closed. My third indication. 

And then I really looked at him. He looked terrible. He could barely open his eyes and when he stood up to walk he was falling all over the place on shaky legs. My poor boy. I immediately called Mike, who of course couldn't talk, and told him to call me ASAP. He vowed to watch him while he was home but figured it was nothing. Boys.....

We still don't know what's wrong. He looks horrible and even lets you rub on his belly because he doesn't have the energy to attack you.We're headed to the vet this morning. I'm super concerned and am dreading the phone call from our vet. My fingers are crossed that it's something easy. But I want my old Boostie back....

Please think about us...

*Update: The doc called Mike. He has a clogged urethra. Doc is going to try to get a catheter in and if he can things will be fine. But...he said he's pretty bad off. He has to stay at the doctor until Tuesday. :( Please think about him and send positive thoughts. Til then, momma is going to go wallow in despair. *


  1. Awww honey hang in there. Dealing with sick or hurt pets is the worst. I feel like I can't possibly go through any more weird ailments with my dogs and then something new happens. They are quite a handful! Keep us posted!

  2. I'm mom of both babies and fur babies, and let me tell you. It's never easy watching your little babes get sick and not be able to tell you whats wrong. I hope everything works out just fine. I'll be thinking of you!

  3. I'm so sorry. I hope he's okay, I'm sure he'll bounce back. Hang in there.

    I wish they could tell us what's wrong. It sucks.

  4. I'm a fur-mama to a very spoiled cat, so I definitely understand how you feel. Hang in there - I hope everything is ok. <3

  5. Poor baby!!! I hope he's okay, it's terrible that they can't tell you what's wrong. Keep me updated!

  6. You are still a mama! and pets are just so innocent and cant tell you when they dont feel weel! Weird that it was your dog first and then your cat? something you put in teh house recently? or some kinda fertilizer in the yard? My heart is breaking for your kitty. I will deff be thinking of you! and praying that everything is smooth sailing from here.

  7. Thinking of you!!! A clogged urethra couldn't have felt nice :( Poor thing!

  8. You're in my prayers! I know how hard this is!

  9. my pets are my babies, so i totally can understand your sadness, broke my heart reading this post! I sure hope he is ok, keep me updated!

  10. So sorry! It's always so heartbreaking when our kiddos are sick!! Sending lots of prayers your way!