Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday!!

1. Yesterday was Field Day! That means no teaching for a day, but I did get my ass burnt up by the sun. No lie I put on 50 spf 2 times in the afternoon. Oh well...hopefully that made my base so I can tan it up from now on!!

2. My wonderful niece and nephew came over to spend some time with me yesterday. Their mommy went to her cousin's pinning ceremony and I was more than willing to have them come hang out with me. They weren't there for long, but it was just enough time to see the changes in them. They are waaaaaayyyyy too cute. Addy is growing up so fast and she is so helpful and loving towards her brother. After dinner we played a little on the neighbors playset and then they wanted to watch a movie in the "movie theater". haha. We made popcorn, got settled, and then daddy showed up about 10 minutes later. Can't wait until they come over again.

3. Mike and I bought a keg yesterday!!! It's the first keg we have had since we moved in. We wanted something good for the summer so we got some Landshark!! I'm super excited for this weekend.

4. My sister-in-law has her pinning ceremony tomorrow! I'm so proud of her! She has completed her nursing program in the same amount of time it takes everyone else, aaannnnddd, she has 2 kids that she practically takes care of on her own. My brother works his tail off and hardly ever gets home in time to see them before bed so Amy really does a lot of it on her own. She's a great mom and I'm so happy she decided to go back to school and follow her dreams.

5. Mike and I went to Walmart and spent about $200 on healthy foods. I'm super excited that he's back on this healthy eating swing because I hate it when he wants unhealthy stuff for dinner. I'm trying so hard to eat right and it's really hard to say no to pizza and burgers. haha. I'm finding a ton of good recipes from Skinny Mom and Skinnytaste that are helping me beat that bland boring food wall. And...since it's so nice out lately, grilling is so much easier and it's healthy!!!

Hey Hey, it's gonna be a Good Day!!

Good Day by Nappy Roots on Grooveshark

Sorry, or maybe you liked overload on pics today. I have been slacking in the picture taking category. Gotta get back on my game!!


  1. Ugh, Colin has the SAME issue with eating unhealthy. He goes on a one week salad kick and then the rest is pizza

  2. It is so much easier to eat healthy when you are both on the same plan. Grilling season is the best!