Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life gave me lemons...and I got sour!!

Ok so here's the truth....I'm bitter about my foot. 

For those that don't know...I broke it. How stupid!! And...I don't even have a good story to go along with it. I stepped on the stairs wrong........BORING!! And I totally didn't expect it to be broken so when I went to the doctor I just thought he was going to tell me to stay off it for a little or keep doing what I'm doing. Then...BOOOOOOOOM!!!...broken. So he gave me a boot. And that geriatric looking sneaker/sandal, which clearly I won't wear. lol. 

It's so annoying!! This damn boot!! Mike is embarrassed to be seen with me. haha. embarassed. Umm..hello?? What about me?? The person who has to WEAR THE BOOT???

And then my stupid dog thinks that blue pump on the front is a ball and trips me all the time trying to eat it. He's not the smartest dog in the kennel, but he sure is cute....'s really putting a damper on the packing for the house. Really?!?! Walking up and down the stairs 700 times a day is just freakin awesome with a damn boot!! Not to mention when I'm trying to sit on the floor and organize crap. BOO!!

And the cruise?!?! Next week we leave for this cruise. You bet your sweet arse I won't be wearing this thing around the ship. So....let's hope I'm healed up by then. 

You know what you can do to cheer me up?!? Come can figure this out!! That's right!!! Come link up for Thirsty Thursday tomorrow. God knows I need a little liquid therapy. And I need a new drink recipe because I'm bored with the ones I've been making. I need some inspiration!! 

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  1. Girl, I did the same thing last year. I was in one of those boots for over 4 months, and my foot wasn't even technically broken (multiple stress fractures). I HATED wearing that darn thing, it's so bulky and heavy. And if it's your right foot, forget trying to drive with it on. I'd wear it till I got in the car, then put on a shoe, drive, then change back into the boot. Talk about a pain in the you know what. I ended up not taking mine on our cruise either, I just packed the most comfortable shoes I owned and lots of pain killers. I hope your foot heals up soon!

  2. ahhh that sucks! delete this post and make up a wild story stat! p.s. that dog is too cute

  3. Oh nooo!! and the fact that your pup thinks its a ball on the front made me laugh! Lil would do the sameee thing!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your foot. You poor thing. You are going on a cruise next week? I wanna hide in your luggage....JEALOUS!! I hope that foot feels better soon. I'll be linking up tomorrow for sure!!!

  5. In bummer on the foot!!! But what a cute pup! Congrats on the house!! Good luck packing!

  6. I am sorry that your so bummed about your foot :( I hope its all healed up for your cruise, which btw i will miss you while your gone! Where are you going???

  7. Yikes! I hope you get to feeling better!!!

  8. OH girl..... broke it. sorry. I'd be sporting it like a pro girl. You can do it. embarrassed to be seen with you? That's sad :( hope you get better soon. :D