Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Thursday!! Stay thirsty my friends!!

It's Thursday!!!! Get thirsty!!

Hopelessly Ever After

My cohost this week is Little Miss Spunk herself, Krystal. She blogs over at Spunkee Belle and she's AWESOME!! Last week she posted this for Throwback Thursday and I'm pretty sure I peed myself from laughing so hard. Definitely described my entire childhood, errrr....maybe last week. Hop on over and check her out!!

Ever had an Orange Crush?!? They are my absolute favorite on a hot day!! But...sometimes they can be super expensive. HAVE NO FEAR!! I have the solution!! 

This week I'm giving you a recipe that tastes just like an Orange Crush, but less ingredients and not as expensive if you ask for it at a bar. My best friend's mom came up with it and I have been stealing the idea ever since. Super easy....sooooo goooood!!

Orange Lush
Can you tell I'm obsessed with my Brew2Go?!?

1 part Orange (or Citron if you use Svedka) vodka
2 parts Sprite
1 part OJ
*optional* fresh squeezed orange

Fill your glass with ice. Add vodka, then sprite, and top off with OJ. If you have some squeeze in some fresh oranges. Then, stir it up......little darlin. Stir it uuuuuup. Come on baby.....OK sorry got a little carried away. Love me some Bob!! 

The place I go has crushes in all different flavors. Orange Creamsicle (same recipe, orange creamsicle vodka), Grapefruit, Lime. So imagine how many drinks you could come up with from just this one!!

Now go lank your drank!!!
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  1. it must be fresh squeezed!! they are so so so good :)

  2. Haha I love that you put it in your Brew 2 go cup! I am loving the vino 2 go cup so I bet this one is just as amazing! Thanks for linking up with Stephanie & I:)

  3. That sounds delicious! I need to make this like asap! Stopping by from The Party Don't Start link up!

  4. Mmmm it sounds perfect for summer!! I'm trying it asap!