Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Shenannies and a Giveaway!!

Mike was off this weekend but unfortunately I was sick. BLECK!! didn't stop us from trying to have a little fun on Saturday!!

Sami's Shenanigans

We woke up early and headed to Home Depot in order to get some stuff to redo the bathroom in the house we currently live in. On the way this little gem came on the radio!! Seriously did not know there was an entire song.

We also managed to get a little time out on the boat. It was sooo hot but absolutely gorgeous.

I, however, managed to somehow break my foot walking up the stairs. OK so maybe I'm exaggerating. Crazy part is I was sober. But, I refuse to go to the doctor because if it does happen to be broken I'm not wearing a cast. We have a cruise in 2 weeks. Guess I'll home remedy myself until it heals.

Sorry I have ugly dancer toes. lol.

And now...a special little Monday treat for you!!

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  1. Home remedy because you refuse to wear a cast! My kind of lady! Glad you were able to get out to enjoy the weekend.

  2. man you lucky thing sick and a jacked up foot!! hope you are all better today

  3. wow what a weekend - here's to a better week ahead - cheers!