Monday, July 15, 2013

The O'Neil's have an announcement!! and Shenannies!!

I started this blog just a few months after Mike and I were married. It was originally intended to be a place where I put recipes and DIY projects but eventually turned into a place where I could just express my feelings and thoughts. Who knew I was going to find a set of friends on here, too.

So I figured it only necessary to also share big news to you all as well....

The O'Neil's and Hopelessly Ever After announce our first...


Ok, ok...I tricked you a little. Come on...I couldn't get preggers before our cruise!!! A whole week on a boat and no drinking...pshyeah, right.

So...if you're interested in sponsoring, just click here!! Or down here...

I'd love to have you!!

Now on to my Weekend Shenanigans!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Let's start off with....Mike worked this weekend. So, it wasn't that exciting. But...if you follow me on Instagram you know I got to spend some time with the kiddies!!

And Sunday was just as uneventful. I went to mom's to clean out some of my stuff from her unfinished room. Her driveway is like 1/4 of a mile long and winds through the woods. It's something from a fairytale. Minus the mosquitoes and horseflies.

While I was there I found a spider. He was huge. So...I did what any normal person would and shut the door never to return again!

We also took a drive to Mike's parent's house and had dinner. Mike showed off his mad style on the way...

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  1. That's a pretty fabulous hat/picnic basket there!

  2. ok i started reading and was like goddammit she is pregnant...this blog is about to go all baby on me! congrats on the sponsor stuff :)

  3. haha I have the same reaction to spiders! If my husband is home, I yell for him to kill it. Or I just close the door where it is and act like I never saw it.

  4. Well you fooled me for sure..I seriously thought you were pregnant!

  5. You definitely had me fooled.. I was getting so excited reading! Of course, I'm just as excited for your sponsorship opportunities!

  6. Ha! That was a fancy little trick; I totally thought you were going to announce you were pregnant! Stopping by from the Shenanigans link up!

  7. yay for sponsorship!!!! so awesome!!