Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My photographer was AMAZEBALLS!! (DC, MD, VA)

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OK, now back to Wedding Wednesday!! I know, I know...I'm already married, but I just have to recognize the photographers from my wedding.

I knew the one thing I was willing to really spend money on was my photographer. No, not my dress. That's something I knew I would only wear once. But, my photographer would be the person to capture those memories for the rest of our lives.

Mike and I did a lot of research and we finally ended up picking Paired Images. Jess and Jess that's right two Jess's :) were AWESOME!! They are both so easy going and amazing and their photos are incredible! And truthfully, they were super affordable!! We wanted to get a sense of their style with us so, as usual, we had our engagement shoot with them.

It was the coldest day of the whole winter. I have no idea how the four of us made it through for almost two hours. There was snow and ice everywhere!!

Not to mention we were right on the water. We had our pics done in Annapolis, right downtown.

But they were both troopers and we treaded through the snow to get some amazing shots!!

You can see their blog post about us and more awesome shots here!!

So naturally, we kept them on for our wedding. And they certainly did not dissappoint!! 

And this time, it certainly was not cold. In might have been one of the hottest days of the summer. :)

It's so important to have someone who you can count on to capture those memories.

Of course you remember parts of your wedding day...but visual reminders are always helpful.

So if anyone in the DCish area is in need of a photographer...please check out Jess and Jess. They are AMAZING!!!

And if you haven't had enough of us yet...visit their blog page about our wedding!!

Or go see them on Facebook!!

Disclaimer: All these opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any way for this. Other than being a super happy client!!

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  1. Ooh these pictures are great! Thanks so much for linking up. And I agree with you. Finding a great photographer is HUGE. I wasn't willing to go cheap on that at all. So we are splurging on our photog and paying for him ourselves. These are great pictures!

  2. That last picture is AMAZING!! Love it!! They are all awesome but I especially love that one!

  3. Love ya'lls pictures.. tooo cute!

  4. Your pictures are amazing! I love the style!

  5. This is great! I just got engaged and am reseraching photographers. I'll be sure to stop by their page :)

  6. you two are such studs! these pics are all gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE your wedding dress! I just recently settled for mine. I'm the same way, I'm only going to wear it for four hours- so why should I spend so much?

  8. The picture of you and your husband on the the dock is gorgeous! I also love the colors you chose or your wedding.

  9. Your pictures are beautiful, and I LOVE your dress!!

  10. Beautiful pics. You were rockin it girl. Love the dress. heck love everything :D

    and thanks for following me. hope you'll stop by and show some love.

  11. I definitely will be spending the most on my photographer when I get married too! Your pictures are great :)

  12. Thanks so much for linking up with us for the Hump Day Hop! :)

    And those pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I live in VA, so I definitely need to check them out for family photos!

  13. You're correct--this is the CCPS Laura Ackerson :) Small world!!

    And you are right on the fact that your photos are amazing!!!


  15. spending money for a quality photographer is definitely a must. imo, you get what you pay for! those pics are incredible and you guys look awesome!

    ps - your comment on my blog somehow ended up in my spam folder which is why i never saw it until now. thanks for following!