Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Liebster Shoutouts!!

A few months back I got nominated for a Liebster and wrote this. Since then I have been nominated a few more times and promised those people I would at least shout out to their blog and answer the questions. It's the least I can do for people who follow me. I love you all!!

So...I know I'm super late for a few of you, but I will let you know so you know I kept my word. If I forgot anyone, tell me and I will do another post. Promise. :)

First off, let me shout out to Erica who blogs at Erica Dee but she just started a new blog called Loyal RUN. Sorry I'm so late!! She nominated me like two months ago and I told her I would answer her questions and all. Oops!! Little late.

Here they are!!

1. What is your current long term goal? Survive the zombie apocalypse!!!

2. What is your favorite food to eat? Hmm...OK I'm going to be cliche about this, but...sushi!! I don't get it very often so when I do it's such a treat. We have a place near us called Cafe Sado and they are AMAZEBALLS!!
3. Where do you spend most of your money? Ha...the liquor store. I feel like I should probably get like an employee discount or something. We do occasionally get free beer to try out, so...that's a plus.
4. Do you like Bloglovin'? Yes, but it makes me feel like a failure. lol. I can't keep up with all your wonderful blogs!!
5. What keeps you interested in blogging? Stalking Reading everyone else's blog. I know how much I love reading about everyone's lives so I figure at least some people out there might like reading about mine, too!!
6. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Drinking?? I could say boating but I only like boating because we drink on the boat with friends. And I could say cookouts but I only like cookouts for the drinking and good food. I pretty much like anything outdoors as long as there is drinking. :)
7. Do you workout? If so, what is your current routine? Yup!! I usually run for about 30 minutes and then go lift.
8. Do you have a big family or a small family? There are 5 people in my family (including dad). The only other family I have are my niece, nephew, and aunt. Everyone else has passed on. Mike has 4 people in his family. So....small??
9. What is your favorite HEALTHY snack? Hmm...I would have to say popchips or rice pops. I can also always go for some kind of veggie and low fat ranch. OOO, and cottage cheese!! YUMMMM!!
10. What is your favorite online shopping site? OMG! I can't choose. I probably order the most from DSW but I love to "window shop" at so many places.
11. Are looks really that important? Honestly. Truth is every single person I have dated has taken me a while to actually find them physically attractive. Yup, even Mike. Shhhhh!! I'm not picky by any means, I just feel like people are more attractive by their personality then by their looks.


The next wonderful lady is Erin from Harris Heart-to-Hearts. She and her family are way too cute. Go check her out!!


What is your dream job? Ha!! I would love to be the person who samples beers and wines all day long. I'd clearly have to live somewhere where I could take the bus or a taxi home, but it would be awesome!!
In what ways are you self-confident? Oh Lawd, this one's hard. Umm, there are things I'm good at, like teaching, and decorating. But then again I know I can be so much better at those things if I wasn't so lazy.
How and when did you meet your spouse/significant other? You can read all about our experience together here! We met through a mutual friend.

Definitely singing "Let's Get It On"
P.S. Definitely didn't happen. That's another good story.

What is one lesson you would like to teach your child(ren) about life? Be openminded. Judgement should only be used on yourself.
What is the nerdiest thing about you? I'm totally into technology. Hell, I teach it!! I know a lot about computers and what I don't know I can usually figure out pretty quickly. And...I love troubleshooting because I feel so accomplished when I can finally get it right!! Computers don't feel the same about me, however.


And now...introducing Adriana from Dog Hair is an Accessory!! She's a super awesome chick so make sure you go check her out!!

1. If I asked you to dog sit Lil, how much would I have to pay you? I'd probably pay YOU!! Too cute!! And it would give Mike and I a vacation!!
2. What was your most memorable gift you received as a child? Wow, that's hard. Well, it would have to be a compilation of a bunch of gifts. My parents used to give me a Barbie for every Christmas. When I was like 16 they stopped. They thought I was too old. I threw a huge fit and told them they had to go out and get me one because it was not cool that they just stopped without asking my opinion. To this day I still get some form of Barbie every year for Christmas. lol. Might be an ornament, maybe a collectible. But I get something!!
3. Do you like my new blog design?!?!?! LOVE!! Although I can't be certain we're talking about the same one. It's been so long.
4. You're invited to my birthday, what would you bring? VODKA!!
5. Ocean, Lake, Pond, or Pool? Bay!! I live on the Chesapeake!!
6. If you had a maned wolf as a pet, what would you name him? OMG!! WTH?!? Umm, Turbo?? Looks fast!!
7. What's your favorite song currently on the radio? Hmmm, does talk radio count?? I truthfully only listen to talk radio on my drives. It makes me feel like I'm having a conversation with someone and the time passes quicker. But I pretty much like anything Macklemore related.
8. Where did you meet your best friend? 3rd grade. :) My county changed the district lines and I was forced to go to a new school. We've been wreaking havoc ever since!!
9. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Pancakes. Blueberry, to be exact. And the blueberries come from the blueberry bush in my backyard!!!
10. What's your favorite Bruce Springsteen song? I'm going to have to go with Secret Garden. Although the some of it is a little disturbing. "She'll let you in her mouth, if the words you say are right. If you pay the price, she'll let you deep inside?!?" Hmmmm....but I love the Jerry McGuire version with the movie quotes the best. :)

11. Will you send me a bag of tiny Snickers if I send you my address? I'd like to say yes but I'll probably forget. lol. And Mike is too cheap to buy stamps. :)


And last but not least....Megan from Barefoot Bluejean Princess!! She just emailed me today, so I'm on time for hers!!

If you won a million dollars, who would you call first? My husband. Although my next phone call would be to purchase a ticket to the most remote tropical destination possible. And it would be my last phone call. :) Money in an off-shore account and husband gets left at home!!
If you were to walk into an airport, money nor time is an object, where would you jet off to? See above. :)
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Tell us about your favorite toy has a child. Barbies. Any of them. Loved them.
What is your favorite thing about blogging? Being a part of someone else's life who doesn't even know you. lol.
If you could go on any reality tv show, which would you audition for? Man Caves. Love me some Goose!!! GO RAVENS!!

If you could only visit 5 websites everyday, which ones would you choose? Whew, this is another hard one. I'm going to cheat and say Bloglovin, because it takes me to all those other important websites. lol. Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.
Which iphone game is your guilty pleasure--don't lie! I don't own one. :/ I know, I know....it's probably going to be my next phone, though.
What was your favorite part about your 4th of July celebrations this year? The dranks!!
Are you a morning person or a night person? Morning. Fo sho....Mike hates it. I usually have to just go downstairs. Otherwise I become quite annoying.

Alright guys, there you go!! Let me know if I forgot you!! I thought I got everyone but who knows. lol.


  1. "I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios" (which is what I did on Saturday)

  2. Congrats on all your nominations!

  3. yayyyy!! loved all your answers and you can take Lil anytime!

    p.s. my blog isn't linked.. is that douchey to point out?

  4. that zombie apocalypse picture had me rolling omg