Thursday, June 11, 2015

#ThurstyThursday: Sweetwater Blue

This week has just taken a dump on my good mood. I'm so scatterbrained and all over the place at the moment I literally almost walked out to the car without shoes on yesterday.

This week we didn't get the opportunity to try a new cocktail, but we did try out a new beer!
Ever heard of Sweetwater Brewing Company? It's located in Georgia and I've heard nothing but great things about their beers. To be honest, I haven't had many of them, but I recently tried their blueberry beer cleverly named, Blue. We have been eyeing it up for some time and finally decided to try it out. I'm a sucker for fruity summer beers and this one did not disappoint. It was the perfect way to bring up my mood and the beautiful sun-shiny day we were having.

This beer was delicious. It was light and refreshing with just the right amount of blueberry to taste, but not overwhelm. I drank this one right out of the bottle, but I can only imagine how delicious it would be on draft. Can't wait for another batch. Maybe even muddle some blueberries in the bottom of my glass first. Mmmmmmm.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSS we go to sweetwater ALL. THE. TIME. you can't beat their $10 for a pint glass with 6 drink tickets deal. TEN DOLLARS. SIX BEERS! six whole beers if you tip the guy pouring and flirt with him a little......

  2. I'm a big Sweetwater fan too! Atlanta airport has a Sweetwater bar and restaurant that is so good

  3. I haven't had anything from them before, that I know of, so I will be on the lookout for this! I especially love fruity beers, so that's an added bonus!

  4. Never had Sweetwater before. Will be looking for their beer for sure! Thank you for linking up with Thursday Favorite Things and I hope you have a glorious day!

  5. I haven't had Sweetwater beer before but I have friends who go to ATL regularly and rave about it. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find it in NC?!?!?! I really want to now that I have read your post. I just added my link to the link up, yay! Have a great day girl....Amanda

  6. We can get a few of Sweetwater's beer in SE Florida ... 420 is pretty tasty ... Time to look for Blue! Ruby Redbird by Shiner is a pretty tasty summer beer to be on the lookout for!!