Friday, June 05, 2015

Friday Favorites!!

Happy happy friday!! I seem to be in a good mood today, which is much easier to deal with than the mood I was in yesterday. *smile* 7 more days.......but truthfully they should be 7 super easy days because most of my classes are finished with all of their projects and it's just free time now.

I'm super excited for this weekend. Not because we have anything exciting going on or anything, but it's the weekend. Why wouldn't I be excited? Mike's first race is this weekend, so be prepared for some track-grams and track-snaps if we're snapchat friends. If not, hit me up {leggs532}, and I'll add you. Just make sure you tell me who you are or I'll probably think you're some crazy creeper tryin'a spy on my shit.

And on to my favorites....

favorite cocktail.
This one was hard twss because we had a lot of different options this week. Thursty Thursday is starting to get really exciting for me because we get a lot of friends with a great background in cocktail making and beers. And more and more people are starting to link up. Which is what makes my decision so hard. But, ultimately I chose the one I want to make asap, Honey Strawberry Sangria from Gluten Free Yumms. I love it when I come across a recipe that adds something you never think of. Like honey. I would have never dreamed to add honey to sangria, but I can only imagine how delicious this drink will be. Can't wait to try it.

favorite recipe.
You need to find a seat. Like for real. Sit down. Because what I'm about to show you is a dish that will bottle your mind. I've found it guys. The dish that will trump all dishes from now on. The dish that was made to change your life. Wait for it.............Skinny. Jalapeño. Bacon. Mac and Cheese. I'll give you a through the nose, out through the mouth. You good? I mean what in the actual fudgeroni is happening. Did you read the word "skinny"? *sigh* The recipe. 

favorite pin.
I need a place where I can keep files so everything isn't shoved haphazardly into our spare bedroom closet anymore, but I can't find something I like. Until now. I love how they redid this filing cabinet. Filing cabinets are so industrial looking and ugly. This makes it so gorgeous. I'm even thinking of doing it to my filing cabinet in my classroom. Love!

favorite laundry room inspiration.
We need to do something to make our house look like we live in it. We've been there for almost 2 years now and there is still so much that needs to be done. 5 rooms of our house don't even have pictures on the walls. One of the rooms that I hate going in is our laundry room. I feel like it's just the breeding ground for all things junk. Below is my inspiration. This is essentially our exact laundry room, at least on this side. And, everything here looks pretty easy to me. There's not much to it. So, this summer I'm getting to work. I'm painting, and I'm decorating and I'm making our house look lived in.

favorite funnies.

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  1. My mom, sister, and several aunts are teacher so I def know what you're going through. Enjoy your summer!
    The Lady Lawyer

  2. You could not pay me to do what you do... teachers rock!!! Please let me go face first into that mac and cheese...

  3. Those recipes! Honey strawberry sangria and SKINNY bacon jalapeno mac n cheese? Uhhh yes please!