Monday, June 01, 2015

Chobani #BreakYouMake Project

Do you know someone who needs a break? Someone who needs to take a little time to refresh? Earlier this week I heard about the Chobani Flip #BreakYouMake project and was inspired to write about my #BreakYouMake nomination.

Although he'll never read this, my #BreakYouMake candidate is my brother, Brian. I can't even begin to explain how hard he works day in and day out in order to provide for, not only his own family, but also my mom.

Brian is the father of two of the most adorable kids on the face of this earth, {I know they're my niece and nephew, but they're still the cutest kids ever} and the husband to a hard-working, amazing mother and nurse. He's one of the most generous people I know and will drop everything to help you if you get in a bind. Not only does he work full time at a job that's 45 minutes away from his home, but every second of his free time is spent working on jobs at home or helping others. It seems he never gets a break.

I don't think there is a day that Brian goes without working on something. If he's not at his actual job, he's knees deep in some type of hands-on project. He also helps my mom with a lot of the work around her house and properties that she owns. Cutting grass, fixing things that are broken, and overall just generally maintaining what she can no longer do. A few years ago one of my mom's rental properties was flooded after a pipe burst. Brain basically rebuilt everything on the inside of that house, while he was working full time at a job an hour away. He spent nights, weekends, and days off working on that house in order to get it move-in ready. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

Recently, Brian and his wife bought a gorgeous new house. It's huge with a ton of rooms available for their kids and even my aunt, who comes by to visit every once in a while. And, while the house was pretty much move in ready, it desperately needed a coat of paint. Every room in the house was covered in random streaks of Spackle, left by the previous owners. So...Brian went to work. And now, a little over a month later, they'll be finally moving in.

If I had the funds to, and I thought Brian would actually take the time for himself, I would send his family on vacation. I think they desperately need some time to focus on just themselves. However, we would probably need to hypnotize Brain so he wasn't constantly thinking about what needed to be done at home. His brain needs a break. He needs to take some time to relax and enjoy his family.

He's most definitely my #BreakYouMake candidate.

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  1. Omgsh girl this post is so sweet. You brother sounds so amazing and I also feel he deserves something special for being so giving.