Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday, I love you...

It's been the longest week EVER!! But, it's finally almost over and I can relax this weekend! Other than the fact that my husband's hours have just changed so now he will be working 6 to 6 instead of 7:45 to 7:45, which means we won't have time together. goes on.

Here are a few of my favorites for the week!!

favorite cocktail.

Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide linked this up for Thursty Thursday yesterday. Looks like something I will be making in big batches to take to the beach this summer!!

favorite book.

Just got done this book and it was really good. I haven't really read any books like this about rehab and addicts before but it was super interesting. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads: 
Allison Weiss got her happy ending: a handsome husband, an adorable daughter, a job she loves, and the big house in the suburbs. But while waiting in the pediatrician's office, she opens a magazine to a quiz about addiction and starts to wonder: Is a Percocet at the end of the day really different from a glass of wine? Is it such a bad thing to pop a Vicodin after a brutal Jump & Pump class, or if your husband ignores you? She tells herself that the pills help her make it through her days; but what if her increasing drug use, a habit that's becoming expensive and hard to hide, is turning into her biggest problem of all?

favorite recipe.

Kerry linked these up with Emily and Kate's Tuesday's Recipe Swap linkup. I can't wait to try them!! Don't they look delicious? And Bourbon? Yes, please!! P.S. If you're ever looking for good recipes, check out this linkup. LOVE IT!!

favorite craft beer.

Flying Dog's Dogtoberfest is what the hubsters and I are hooked on this week. So good, and it's a Marzen which means it's perfectly balanced. Not too light, not too heavy. Definitely try this one out!

favorite cute video.
I mean, how can you not giggle at that sweet little scared face?
P.S. Raven's play the Patriots tomorrow!!! I seem to remember this same instance a few years ago when we MADE OUR WAY TO AND WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! What What? Let's go BOYS!!!!!

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  1. So glad you loved the drink! Due to the simplicity I feel it is something you can make in BULK and take to the beach!

  2. That drink looks gorgeous.

    I want someone to make those fritters for me so I don't need to deal with the stove top oil.

    Have a great weekend! Sorry about the schedule switch. That's rough.

  3. That Barbie drink looks so refreshing! Thanks for sharing the recipe, hope you like it. That book is on my list to read, glad it was good.

  4. Oh my gosh that baby! Haha! I wonder if I can get Flying Dog beer in Idaho. Initiating the hunt now...

  5. Those fritters look so delicious. I'll add that book to my reading list. Thank you so much for linking up to High Five for Friday!!!

    Della@Della Devoted

  6. Anybody that plays against the Patriots is the team I root for! I can't believe football season is almost over. If you make the cocktail for the beach, I feel like it requires a matching bathing suit, or nail polish! It's so awesome and pink!

    Thank you so much for linking up with H54F!!! Hope you can come back next week!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. Now I was loving this post and then you had to ruin it bring up those damn Ravens!! LoL Even though I hate the Ravens (I'm A Steelers Woman) and Eagles I love this post and your blog.


  8. OMG I am dying laughing over that video!!! hahahah! That sweet little kiddo genuinely looks concerned for his mom's well being :) So glad you shared

  9. That book looks really interesting! Thanks for the suggestion--I hadn't seen it before. And a huge thanks for linkimh up for H54F!!!


  10. Oh no, those bourbon apple fritters look amazing! I'm trying to watch my weight, but wow I may be trying those anyways :)

    thanks for linking up for H54F and hope to have you again tomorrow :)

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin