Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Don't forget..tomorrow is #ThurstyThursday!! Stop by and party with us!

We got a #SnowDay today!!! Absolutely crazy because our backyard looks like this....

#weneedafence #fencesareexpensive #fencefund #impoor

But I'm not complaining!! I live about 45 minutes north of where I work so usually we are the ones who have snow and they don't. But today, I guess it was finally the other way around!

Mike was actually off until tonight, too so we get to #cuddleup together and freeze to death.

And I get to work this body out!! Today was not originally going to be a gym day because Mike goes into work tonight...but that's a whole new #bitchyblogpost. I'm super excited that I get to go, however, and with Mike, too. He's my favorite person to #workout with. I mean who wouldn't want to work out with this hunk of a man?

#datbackdoh #ripped #hisshirtnothisback

So off we go!! #BEASTMODE

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
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  1. Sweet! Gotta love school being out for weather that doesn't effect you! I wish I could work out with my other half, he wont go to the gym though. He'll kayak like a mad man though.

  2. We got a semi "ice" day. I got to go into work late and the roads weren't even bad so that was a plus! My fiance says he wants to go to the gym but every night I go and ask him if he wants to go and he says no so now I am just giving up on asking him!

  3. That's crazy that you have a snow day with no snow! I wish I could go work out with my guy but he insists on going to the rec center at his school which is way across town (but close to his office). It just doesn't make sense for me to go over there every day. Still it would be awesome to see him in #beastmode like your man! So excited for tomorrow, I have it all ready to roll. Bring on the party!

  4. Snow days are just the best! Especially when you aren't even snowed in ;)

  5. It's so nice to have an unexpected day off! Especially, when you can get out of the house still!

  6. Lucky you!! We have never heard of such a thing here. lol

  7. I can't believe you got a snow day today! I mean hey, I wouldn't complain about a day off of work ;) Hell yeah to building muscles!!

  8. Hiya! Yeah, we have the snow day closures for nothing too. But, it is nice to get a paid snow day from work! hehehe
    Even better that you get to be off with your hubby too!!!

    I tried to comment back to you, and blogger was being super dumb - SO: I wasn't always a runner, and my min/mile when I started was like - - - no joke 14:00 min/mile. It took time, and then it just kind of clicked! And even at a 10:00 min/mile now, sometimes I still feel like I should be going faster! In time. If I want it, you know?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll come check you out more often too! #thatsoundedcreepy #swearimnotacreeper

    (OH - and my backyard is just the same, we really need a fence. but, you know THEMS expensive!)