Wednesday, November 12, 2014

They took my damn tooth out...

I hate the dentist. Every time I go I end up with directions to contact an oral surgeon and have something removed. Well...that could be because I never actually do what they tell me, but in all honesty I'm terrified.

My whole life dentists and orthodontists have been lying to me. Ok so maybe it just feels like lying lets preface this with the fact that I sucked my thumb until I was like in the 3rd grade. So I had big old beautiful buck teeth for a very long time. Some time during the third grade I started going to an orthodontist. He told me I needed braces and that's where the hell began.

I was told I would have braces for about a year and that should correct my buck teeth. After tons of retainers...some I had to sleep in, some I had to turn with a key to tighten every day...braces were put on my teeth. Every year I hoped he would say it was time to take the off and every year I was disappointed. By the time I got to 8th grade I feared I wouldn't get them off before high school. fears came true.

Not only did I have them when I got to high school, I had them until the summer before my senior year. Let's do the math....Yup, that would be 9 years. 9 years!!!! I had braces for 9 years. My orthodontist used to joke that he was going to walk me down the aisle. Ha ha....funny. 

So that's where my fear began. One year turned into nine. So, when I found out I needed my wisdom teeth out...that clearly wasn't happening. So I avoid the dentist like the plague.

The summer I got married I decided to go get a cleaning. It had probably been 2 years ( don't judge me, you'll see why I don't go) but I wanted to be extr shiny for the wedding. I even went to a different dentist so he wouldn't know anything about my wisdom teeth. Unfortunately while i was there he did an X-ray and found that I had a tooth rotting fro the inside out.

Why? You ask.....because I had braces for so long and something about the constant shifting. Oh...and he also noticed the wisdom teeth. So he sent me with an order to go get all of them taken out and we would prep for an implant for the rotten one.

Well...needless to say that didn't happen. Unfortunately last week my rotten tooth started bothering me so I had to go in. He wasn't happy that it hadn't been taken out yet and decided he would do it right there.

I cried...

I have pretty bad anxiety and just took myself off of the meds because of the side effects. Wish I hadn't because next thing you know I was numbed and he was breaking my tooth into 4 parts and digging away.

And now here I am. Laying in bed with an ice pack trying not to get dry socket.

Damn dentist...


  1. You do not make me want to go to the dentist. It's been a few years and I know I SHOULD go but I dont. My phobia lies with the gyno, its been one thing after another and I pretty much start hyperventilating at the thought of going.

    1. No worries. I don't even have a gyno. lol. My general practitioner does all that. And truth be told it's been forever since I got "all that" done, too. I hate going to the Dr. with a passion. P.S. For some reason your comment didn't get sent to my email. Could totally be on my end BC my email sucks but just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. I feel for you. I'm terrified to go. I have to be on Valium for cleanings. Which means I put them off because I need someone to drive me.

    But this scared me to death. UGH. Why do we have teeth?

  3. I feel your pain! I got my last wisdom tooth pulled on Saturday.. And the Pain pills he gave me I am allergic too. =(

  4. STFU I had an expander, too! That fucking key... I still cringe thinking about it!

  5. Uggghhh I HATE the dentist! Every time I go they either want me to get another one pulled or they say I need a root canal. Terrible!