Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Thursday and I'm THURSTY!!

Happy Thursday!! So, today is Parent Visitation Day at school which means, Thank God it's Thursty Thursday so I can go home and drink. It's so nerve wracking to have parents watch you the entire time. I could talk, sing, dance, whatever in front of an auditorium of children, but throw one adult in my room and I freak!!

Last year, during our cruise, I was introduced to Bacardi Torched Cherry. I usually mix it with Coke which tastes exactly like Cherry Coke, but since I ran out this week I decided to try something new. We didn't have much in the fridge so it was completely random. was definitely a good random!!!

Bacardi Torched Cherry
Grenadine (splash)

Mix the lemonade and rum together. Then splash some grenadine to top it off and enjoy!

This week's cohost is Ashley from Keeping up with Ashley and Cody. How adorable are they?? I actually just found Ashley and am super glad I did. She and her new hubby just got married in July and she's got all her wedding info right there on her blog. So...for all those in the midst of wedding planning check her out. Last week she wrote this post about always saying "I love you" and it was perfect. So head on over and say hello!!

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Hopelessly Ever After


  1. Looks good girlie! is it 5 o'clock yet??

  2. Parents day sounds terrible. Parents are worse than the kids half the time these days! haha

  3. I want to try this recipe!!!!!