Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday...TGI the weekend!

I got flowers from my coworker yesterday!! How sweet. All I did was help her with some videos she wanted to use at conferences. No biggie, but she is THE sweetest person you will ever meet. It made me feel so great and appreciated and after all, that's what November is all about, right!?

Girl's night tonight!! Love it!! My neighbors are the best thing about buying the house that we did. Everyone is so awesome and we all get along great. Tonight were headed downtown for some wine and mingling, some shopping at our friends store, and some sushi. Yeah....AWESOME!! Especially because Mike works tonight, so I would just be getting drunk alone watching chick flicks or trashy reality tv because no one really does anything on a Friday night anymore after you turn 30.

My drank from last week's THURSTY THURSDAY LINKUP has been my goto for the last week. I may or may not have had a HUGE one before bed last night to put me to sleep. Go check it out! It's perfect for a Holiday Party and you could make it in a huge batch to keep the guests happy!! LOVE!! And, if you're interested in joining the linkup it's every Thursday!! Just post about an alcoholic drink and give the recipe if needed!! I'd love to have you! I need cohosts, too!!

It's snuggle weather. Which also is a horrible thing when your husband works 15 nights out of the month. But...when he's home I love getting under the covers and snuggling with him. I know...cheesy, but it's true. He's so warm!!!

Next week I'm going to repost all of my most popular posts from the past years. Some of them are pretty funny so stop by and check them out!! Especially on Day 3!!

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  1. Happy Friday. AWWW your coworker is so sweet. I wish I was able to be at home right now and cuddle.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. That was so nice of your coworker to bring you those flowers! Snuggle weather is the BEST weather. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That was so nice of them to bring you flowers! Sounds like you work with great people!