Monday, November 24, 2014

2 Day Work Week!!

Thank God this week is only 2 days long. I can't even say it's been forever since I had a day off because last week was the first whole week I have worked in about a month. Something is wrong with me.

Oh least I only have to get through 2 days this week and then I'm golden for the rest of the week. Plus, it's Thanksgiving week so I'm getting good food and dranks all week long!!! Can't wait!!

Just wanted to shout out a quick bit of information just in case anyone was wondering. I'm not doing Thursty Thursday this week. I just thought it might be too hard to link up during Thanksgiving and I know I have a busy day so I'm sure everyone else does, too.

Thursty Thursday will kick back off on December 4th and I'll be starting to showcase some delicious Christmas themed dranks!!

Speaking of Christmas I'll be decorating for that this week as well. We had planned on doing it last weekend but we decided to redo our guest bedrooms instead. We also got around to hanging up some pictures and things on the walls.....finally. Maybe I'll post some of those tomorrow.

Don't forget to link up on Wednesday for the Christmas is in the Air link up with Chelsee and Christine!! The theme is "Holiday Gift Guide" and it's perfect timing for me!!


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  1. I'm ready to start my Christmas decorating, too. Usually I'm one of those people who bitches about others having it done prior to Thanksgiving but for some reason I'm super excited to get it done this year!