Monday, March 03, 2014

All that and a bag of poop....

We had an interesting weekend. Luckily Mike was off this weekend, however he did leave me about an hour ago for a conference in Annapolis. He won't be back until Wednesday night. As much as I cherish my time alone when he is at work, I hate being away from him for things like conferences. It's not something we have to do often, and it sucks when it happens. The worst part is we have another huge storm coming between last night and today and I'm sure I'll be off work for at least one day. It wouldn't be so bad if I worked all day but I'm literally going to be home by myself for 4 days. :(

But, anyway, back to the weekend....

Friday night was our besties gender reveal party. We are so excited they are preggers. It was a total shock when we found out and we are elated to get to be a part of this with them. Everything was so cute. They had you vote when you came in the door and then you got to take a picture with either lips for a girl or a moustache for a boy. Then they had Baby T's cousin do the actual reveal. Taylor came downstairs and let everyone know Olivia had something to say and her shirt would do the talking. IT'S A BOY!!!! I am super excited and can't wait to meet our new little Baby T!!

Saturday, Mike and I headed to Kohls. Apparently Mike's donkey butt got even bigger and he can't fit in any of the dress pants he has. Unfortunately, they have to wear a button up and dress pants to the conference, so we had to suck it up and buy some. Oh well, I got a ham, egg, and cheese on a honey whole wheat bagel in exchange. haha.

Then we came home and picked up dog poop. Haha. With all this snow we haven't had the chance to go out and pick up dog poop all winter. Our back yard was like a minefield and I had started taking Rosco out front just to avoid having to take the chance of stepping in shit. We ended up with an entire bag full of crap. 

Saturday night we had our neighbors over for some drinks. Unfortunately, we ran out of alcohol pretty quickly and desperate times called for desperate measures. Mike had to crack open the Mike's Hard Lemonade my mom left in our fridge the last time she was there. Don't worry, I snapped a quick pic before he figured out what I was doing. And for your viewing pleasure...Goober with a Mike's Hard Lemonade...

We are so lucky to live where we do. It is honestly the perfect place for us. I can't wait for this summer and all the fun we have in store. They have a 2 year old daughter so when bedtime came they went back to put her to bed. After she was asleep we snuck in and chilled for a while longer. That's what I love the most about this place. Just the comradery between everyone. It's almost like living in a dorm with your friends, but you all have your own houses.

Sunday was a bust. We slept until about 10 and then got up and made breakfast. Then we made a bed on the couch and laid around all day. I'm really gonna miss my Goober and I just wanted to hang out with him all day. But he did tell me it was hard to leave because I looked so cute. lol. He's an ass.

Now lets hope we don't get too much snow so I can go to school and not be stuck there until July.


  1. Hope you don't get too much snow!! Have a great week chick!

  2. We did not get alot like the weather said, THANK GOD!!! I sure hope this is the last of the needs to start warming up DAMNIT!!!! I love the picture of you guys picking up dog poop, We are in the same boat as much snow and SO EFFING cold there was no way i was risking getting so cold to pick up poop the last two weeks when i could acutally see grass i probably got a good size trash bag that we use in the kitchen full between three times of going out there. LOL FUN STUFF huh?

  3. We were supposed to get snow but didn't get anything. Hope you don't get much so you actually get a little bit of a summer. I am so afraid to go into my backyard too. There is poop everywhere.

  4. Whoa, holy crap! Literally, hahaha :-D

    I don't know how you stay so calm about snow, people here go into panic attacks & the shelves at the grocery store are empty by 5pm on "snow days". Really it's just sleet though :-/

    Mike will be home in no time! You can borrow mine lol :-D