Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Shenaniblech....

I was sick as a dog yesterday. Boo!! It started on Friday night. We had made plans to go to sushi which I was super excited about bc I could litereally eat sushi every single day and we hardly go. I'm not sure why. The place that we go is super cheap and sooooo good!! They have BOGO rolls every day of the week. Mike and I got crab rangoon wontons, siamese spring rolls, and 4 specialty sushi rolls, plus a drink for $45. I know, right?!? And everything is soo good. MMmmmm. I want some right now. Right MEOW!!

But I could tell on the way home I was starting to feel pretty crappy. Actually, let's be honest, I felt so crappy I took it upon myself to fall asleep on Mike's shoulder. haha. I kinda felt bad for the other chick in the car, but I felt like poop.

Saturday wasn't much better, but we did decide to wake up early and head to a new IMAX in Wilmington to see Thor. If you follow on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen this pic. Mike and I usually pregame before heading to the movies, or anywhere for that matter. So, naturally, my body was ready for a beer before heading out. Only problem was that this time we left early in the morning so it was only 8:45am. You should have seen Mike's face when I told him I was thinking about having a beer. I felt like an 8 yr. old child and daddy was disappointed in me. Oops.

Despite me not feeling great we still had a really good time. We explored down by the Riverfront where there was a little walking trail that was lined with handmade bird feeders. These bird feeders were amazing. Each one was crafted after a real place. They were awesome. The walk was beautiful. We managed to find a little coffee place in a market and got ourselves some coffee for the walk back. It was really a wonderful morning. And Thor was awesome.

Oh!! And I almost forgot!! When we were standing in line waiting for the movies to open all these runners started running by. Apparently there was some kind of 5k or something going on and it ran right by us. It was actually pretty cool and very motivating. I have wanted to run a 5k for forever but after I broke my foot I stopped running. I was almost there, too!! Guess I'll have to start again!

Sunday when I woke up I was feeling horrible. Pretty sure a little fairy or something decided to take a razor blade to my throat. I literally laid in bed all day until the Ravens game at 1. Then I managed to pull myself up to go lay on the couch. Mike put on some ham and cabbage to boil for dinner. OMG. Perfect meal when you're not feeling well. Everything tasted so good and there's nothing like some good old comfort food when you feel like 'ish. 

Overall, considering how awful I felt, it was a pretty good weekend. It always sucks when your sick on the weekends, though, because it feels like you don't get a break before the new work week.

Oh well, maybe next weekend.

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  1. Aw sounds like a good weekend considering how you were feeling! Hope you're better today!

  2. sounds like to had a damn good weekend even with feeling a little poopy! Also, that cheap for sushi is out of control, I would be there every day!

  3. I was feeling icky two weeks ago and now I feel another cold coming on. Hope you're feeling better. Looks like a fun weekend.

    and being from WI drinking at 8am isn't a bad thing lol

  4. Aww I hope you're feeling better!! I can't wait to see Thor!
    Your problem is exactly why I learned to love Bloody Marys! :) :)
    matters of merrymaking

  5. I hope you feel better soon!! I agree, feeling bad on the weekends is the absolute worse!!

  6. I mean I wouldn't judge you for drinking at 8:45 ;) it's basically just brunch lol. Those bird houses sound so awesome! Boo to being sick but sounds like the rest of your weekend was awesome!

  7. Id have had a beer at 8 am. It happens.

    I hope you're feeling better by now!

  8. I feel you! I have strep throat right now. I started feeling it on Saturday and I've been in the house all weekend. Hope you feel better!

    xx Courtney

  9. despite how bad you felt, it looked like a great weekend. everyone at work is sick and at home too! i'm constantly washing my hands and keeping to myself!

    Vodka and Soda