Friday, November 15, 2013

Just so I can have more than one post this week...

So I've been MIA but get over it!!

Truth is I've felt like absolute poop all week. I stayed home from work for 2 days. 2 DAYS!! I never stay home sick for more than a day. It's just too much hassle with making sub plans and expecting the substitute to actually follow them. AND be able to even work a computer seeing as how I teach technology. You would think, when you see a position open for a Computer Literacy position, you would know that means you have to be able to use a computer. I mean Computer Literacy actually means being able to use a computer. But nope. I still get a bunch of fools. This time wasn't that bad, however, my office folk did forget to print out my current plans and instead gave the sub my plans from 2 years ago. lol. Oh well. Luckily it's pretty much the same schedule. 

I have a confession. Being sick, it was kinda nice not to have to worry about Thirsty Thursday yesterday. Especially because I wasn't even able to drink this week. Believe me, Mike wanted me to try. It just wasn't happening. Between the razor blades in my throat and the snot machine in my nose I just wasn't up for it. But...I'm not going to let that sink in, because we will be back!!

OK, I know short but sweet. lol. Hopefully next week I'll be a better blog friend.


  1. hope you feel better for the weekend!

  2. Hope you feel better! Good call on getting some rest in!

  3. hope you feel better. sucks being sick.