Monday, November 18, 2013

New Blog!! and Weekend Shenannies

Truth. I'm fat and lazy. OK, maybe not fat, but bigger than I want to be and bigger than I have ever been. So I'm doing something about it....again...

Most of you guys know I was doing really well at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, I broke my foot in July and that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was stuck in a huge boot for 3 weeks and couldn't go to the gym. Then, when we moved, we actually moved 20 minutes away from the gym. So, it's not on my way home or 7 minutes away anymore. However, all these are excuses. The real reason is that I'm just too lazy and I love to eat. I loooooove food. I like trying new things, I love the taste, I love cooking, I love everything about food. 

So in order to get my ass in check I started a new blog. Don't worry, Hopelessly Ever After will still be here. You guys have been awesome for me!! And I hope you'll stop by the new blog Fittin' It In and follow to help keep me motivated. 

I really am determined this time. Over the past few months I've felt really crappy about my weight. I can never find anything that looks nice because the rolls are always there. I figure if I have a blog dedicated to me getting in check I'll actually do it. 

OK enough of my are the Weekend Shenannies!!

Friday was pretty awesome. Mike worked so I stayed in made some hot cocoa, got comfy, and read "The Fault in Our Stars" for a while. Don't tell me what happens, I'm not done. So far I'm in love with this book. Too cute for these two love birds, even though there's cancer involved. I'm just to the part where they had dinner in Amsterdam. Can't wait to read some more!! Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I've already heard what happens at the end. But I actually like books like that. Something unpredicted.

Saturday I went to the gym!!! Yayeah!! I'm still really congested so the elliptical kinda kicked my ass but I went!! And I ran!! And then worked out a little but with arms while Mike finished up his squats. 
Then, we came home and cleaned the house for company. UFC was on Saturday and the card was awesome. Go GSP, although everyone is complaining that he shouldn't have won. Guess Hendricks shouldn't have left it in the judges hands. Dana was pissed, but here's an awesome shot of GSP's face. haha.

Mike and I are also bug Chael Sonnen fans. He's hilarious and the fact that he was fighting Rashad was even better. I used to hate Rashad, mainly because we love Rampage and so when they were coaches together on TUF I felt like Rashad was a total puss puss. I've since calmed down and actually like him now so that fight was awesome. I could have gone either way.

Sunday was a bust. lol. Mike and I slept way too late and then the Ravens game was suspended due to bad weather. While we were waiting I accidentally deleted a ton of pics from my phone. I got all freaked out because Google+ backed up my photos but I thought that meant everyone could see them on Google+ and truthfully, you don't want to see some of those pics!! lol. There are no nasty ones, don't worry, but there are some pics of me in my "draws" from the pics I took when I was working out before. And then, when I went to go check out some recipes from this blog all of my pictures were deleted from here too!!!!!! OMG!!! I freaked the frick out! But, somehow I got it figured out. It was something I had messed with with Google+ during my freak out about the backup. Whatevs. And the Ravens lost.

But it was gorgeous outside, so that made it all better. Kinda. 

Go check out the new blog!!

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  1. Good luck and I love the new design!

  2. love the new look of the blog and am excited about the new one!! I am a health nut so I love any blog about it ;)

  3. I love the new look!
    I followed you getting fit blog :) I will always be a loyal reader, i just love reading about your life!
    I am trying to get into a better healthy lifestyle myself, i am trying to just eat better and work my way up to exercising, which I HATE. so i have to trick myself into lol Good luck, you got this

  4. Love your new design, SUPER pretty! I'm now a reader of your new blog, get it girl ;-)
    PS- I LOVE that you are a fan of UFC, me too!

  5. TFiOS is amazing! I read it in a weekend! You have to tell me what you thought of it once you've finished!

  6. Ahhh, I love Daryl. :))