Friday, November 01, 2013

Are you kidding me?!?!

Second post of the day, because I feel it's necessary...

So this is going to be a rant that some of you will not like.'re also probably the people who are annoying the shiz out of me right, get over it or leave. My blog, my thoughts, my words, BOOM.

What the hell is America coming to?? Some of the things I see in the news these days is just absurd!! Are we seriously that racist that we complain about every little thing being racist? Because, honestly, if you're complaining about the things that you're complaining're racist. You're trying to say they're racist, but............nope. They're just having fun.

For example:

Julianne Hough wanted to dress up like "Crazy Eyes" for Halloween. Who wouldn't?? Crazy Eyes is the most hilarious character off of Orange is the New Black. She's awesome!! So what if I want to dress up like her for Halloween?? OOpps, nope, I'm white. Can't do it! Because apparently, if I paint my face black to look like an awesome character from an amazing tv show, I'm racist. 

I can't believe she apologized for it!! I would have told everyone to suck it! If I want to dress up like someone I think is awesome, I can!! And, if I want to buy black face paint to make myself look even more like her, I WILL!! It's Halloween people!!!

Then, this morning I read this article. Short story, Hallmark made a ugly christmas sweater ornament. On it it says, "Don we now our FUN apparel". Racist. Right?!? Because we changed the word "gay" to "fun" to portray the hilariousness in wearing an ugly christmas sweater. NO!! It's not freakin' racist!! Are you kidding me?? Nowadays, if you had an ugly Christmas sweater ornament that said, "Don we now our GAY apparel" THAT would actually seem more racist. I'm pretty sure Hallmark didn't have a sit down to discuss how they could take out the word "gay" and replace it with "fun". Pretty sure "Don we now our FUN apparel" is something you or I would say, without even thinking twice, during an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE!!
I personally could give a shiz less if you decide to love someone of the opposite sex or your own. Finding someone who is your soulmate, someone who cares for you more than you care for yourself is a gift these days. Who cares whether it's a boy or girl?!?! Hell, there are people who fall in love with cars!! Who are we to judge?

OK, so that's all I'm going to get into today because I can feel myself getting worked up even more. haha. Yup...even more. Sorry not sorry if I offended anyone. AND there is absolutely no coffee in this school today, which might be the reason I got so worked up in the first place. SOMEONE GET ME SOME DAMN COFFEE!!

Have a Fabulous Friday!! :)


  1. hear, hear... My Friday just got a little better, feel like my frustrations have been released just reading your rant.

  2. I like that ornament. And I kind of want one. Also, I think her costume was done very classy and tastefully and not ignorant/racist at all.

  3. Preach! Seriously, I'm tired of people who are always looking for a reason to get offended.

  4. I think the only time it would be considered "racist" is if you are blatantly making fun of another race in a derogatory your face black and acting like a slave or something just asinine. Not clearly portraying a character.
    People has too many thumbs up their assholes

  5. Get it, girl! Did you hear about the little {white} boy who went to school dressed up as Martin Luther King for a school project? You would think the world was going to end because the school faculty had a shit show about it. Every child was given a different historical character to learn about & then after like a week or whatever you would come to school with a presentation for the class. The teacher said you could dress up and bring props, so he did! And he got in trouble for it. Our country blows.

  6. personally some people are just fucking stupid as hell. esp when it comes to shit like this. why judge folks for what they do. oh boy now i'll get judged b/c I said the F word.GUESS WHAT FOLKS?

  7. I'm with you on the Julianne Hough thing. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that she had to apologize for that. It's Halloween she wasn't Hitler. #getoverit

  8. I agree completely with you!! nothing pisses me off more than someone claiming I'm being racist.. just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm racist 24/7 and for someone to think that actually makes them racist. I'm not racist actually, I have/know black friends, asian, etc. agh! it aggravates the hell outta me!

    and I had no idea about the Hallmark thing, that's stupid too!!

  9. amen sister. Oh wait, was that racist?


  11. couldnt she have been crazy eyes without painting her face black?