Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I can't get enough!!

For those of you that don't know, Mike and I are tv addicts. Every night that Mike is off is spent catching up on our shows. It's turned into one of our favorite things to do together. How often do couples get to cuddle up and have quality time together? I guess we figure we better get it in before we have kids and our time is taken up dealing with them. 

Right now, however, we have soooo many tv shows in season. And, there are so many it's kind of annoying. haha. You see I like to go to bed fairly early on the week nights. Any time after 9 and it's up in the air whether or not my eyes are willing to stay open. 

But, I always like to know who is watching the same stuff I am so I figured why not talk about my favorite shows playing right now!!

#1. Homeland - Can someone say mindf*#&! Ummm...I honestly can say that I don't know what the hail is going through this writers mind. I mean....there are times when watching this that I can honestly say I might be a terrorist if I was in the shoes of Nicholas Brody. Even though he's not. And...talk about blindsided. However, I have to admit, it's kinda hard to watch Claire Danes in her completely mental state throughout the whole hour. Like I might be under the impression that she is actually, in real life, like fo shizzle insane. Diagnosed, medicated, straight issues insane. But it's totally worth it and it's fo sho my number uno.

#2. Top Gear - No not the British kind, the American kind. For real, if you haven't seen this, watch it. It's hilarious. These guys crack me up every single week. I could care less about the cars, but I wish these were like legit my friends. Rutledge is my absolute fav. He so cute in his plaid flannels and glasses. And they do the funniest ish ever. Like the episode where they had to make an amphibious car (one that drives on land and in water). 

#3. The Walking Dead - I know, I know. It's the cool thing to watch, but Mike and I were Walking Dead fans waaaaay before it was trendy. I have to say that this season, they way they are breaking up the episodes between The Governor and the jail, is kind of interesting. I'm not sure I can say that I like it, but it's definitely interesting to hear the back story and what's been going down since the end of last season. The Walking Dead is also awesome because it's never out of season for long!! But that damn Carl better start listening!!

And that bad ass Daryl. God I hope when the zombie apocalypse actually happens I find someone as awesome as him.

#4. Eastbound and Down - Another freakin hilarious show. If you havenever seen anything with Danny Mcbride in it, you're missing out. Pineapple Express. and This is the End are probably my favorites. And now, after a very long hiatus Eastbound and Down is back!! So excited! The stuff that happens on this show is just absolutely ridiculous. And the fact that his wife on the show, Katy Mixon, used to date Bobby Deen just cracks me up. And my all time favorite line from any tv show to ever appear on this earth...

#6. Boardwalk Empire - Although there isn't much to get into the season. Same old same old. It's during the Prohibition and all the gangsters are shipping their booze and heroin. Mike loves history so he's more into this than I am. I fall asleep during most of them but only because they're usually the last ones we watch. It's probably the best show about history I've ever seen though. Plus I'm a boozehound so.....boooooooze!!

We are also watching American Horror Story Coven and I have to admit I watch Teen Mom 3 and Beyond Scared Straight, but these are my favs. 

What are you watching??


  1. dang it, we aren't watching ANYTHING alike lol. I don't watch any of these! I will have to do a post soon of all my lovely shows! :) There has to be something we both watch. I am a tv Junkie along with my fiance! I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching shows together with him, its something we enjoy together. :) SO i get it!

  2. OK I just started watching The Walking Dead and I think Daryl is SOOOOOOOO ugly. I'm sorry if you disagree, even if he's a badass I'd rather have a better looking badass. I love Topgear!! Have you watched Impractical Jokes? It's hilarious!

  3. Steven and I are the same way. We are major TV addicts and spend our down nights at home catching up on our DVR together.

  4. Eastbound & Down makes me laugh so hard I cry sometimes! :-D

  5. Love Walking Dead and American Horror Story Coven. I fell in love with Norman Reedus when he was in Boondock Saints. Also Dads and Witches of East End are new favs.

  6. I am into noneeeee of these shows. Only because I haven't given them a shot. I hear so much about all of them, but just don't have the time to watch. I might commit to Eastbound and Down though. It seems like it's my style.

  7. Just watched the new Walking Dead tonight! Holy pooooooop. Knew that couldn't last for long. I've heard Homeland is really good; it's another show I want to try.

  8. well Ravenwood ended and well not sure when and if it will be back on. I like 2 broke girls, big bang theory and grey's anatomy

  9. We are the same way and it used to be chalk full of shows - but now I am like okay if I miss a few, so what? AND I figure a lot of them I can catch up later with on Amazon or Hulu, so okay. But what am I watching and can't miss period? Criminal Minds, Mike & Molly & The Middle!