Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friendly Fall Swap!!

Don't forget tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday!! I'm going to have a few more Halloween Dranks for you!! Come link up with Tia and I!!

So a few weeks back I participated in the Friendly Fall Swap. It was the second swap I have ever done and I did them both at the exact same time. haha. But I had so much fun and I would definitely do them again!!

My swap partner was Karie from Carrot Cake and Jeans and she did a fabulous job! Here are all of my goodies!!

This was the perfect package!! I love love love to-go cups. My husband and I rarely drink out of anything else, so you can bet I'll be using this bad boy to hand out candy tomorrow!! 

I also have a love for owls and our pot holders are soooo reaaaal this pot holder was perfect!!

The apple butter was amazeballs!! Pretty sure Karie made it herself because if you check out her blog you will see all of her canning talents. YUM!! Wish I had a garden soooo bad!! And it was delish!! Had some on my toast this morning as a matter of fact!!

We actually just ran out of coffee, too, so the coffee was the perfect addition. I don't know what I would do without coffee. It definitely jump starts my day. 

What's really funny about the nail polish is that I had 2 colors picked out to send her way and couldn't decide which one to send. I ended up sending a brownish color and the other color was exactly like the one she sent me. Great minds think alike!!!

Thanks to Alicia, Jodi, and Britney for doing this swap!! I had so much fun!!


  1. I love apple butter..YUM!! What a great package and I'm happy you had fun!

  2. please share where you got the owl pot holder. love it of course.

  3. How did I miss all of these fun Fall swaps?!?! lol. Cute stuff!

  4. yum. that apple butter looks delicious! and that owl pot holder is pretty stinking cute!

  5. wahooo. What a cute package! I am in love with that pot holder! Thanks for participating in our swap!

  6. Looks like you got some great stuff. I totally missed this swap lol

  7. Oh my gosh I love your goodies! That mitt is so cute :)