Thursday, October 10, 2013

Apple Pie in a Glass!! - Thirsty Thursday

It's Thirsty Thursday and boy do I have a treat for you!!

My cohost this week is Brandi!! Brandi blogs over at Realities of Brandi and might just be the most awesome chick out there. Or maybe I'm just partial because we're exactly alike. We even share Mikes!! Well, not share Mikes, but we're both stuck with Mikes FOR-EV-ER!! Yikes, Mikes!! You have to stop by her blog and check out her recipe for this week!! I can't wait to see it!!

So a coworker of mine actually gave me this recipe this week. I'm super excited to share it with you because, it is dessert in a glass!! It takes a little prepwork, but totally worth it!! Oh!! And this makes a big pitcher so...PARRRRRTAAAAAY!!!!

Apple Schmappled

Half gallon Apple juice
Half gallon Apple cider
2 cups sugar
4 cinnamon sticks
1 fifth of Everclear

Bring apple juice, apple cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks to a boil. Let cool. Add Everclear. Put in fridge to cool. Drank that 'ish!!

Yeah it's legit Apple Pie in a glass. Like, might as well skip dessert and just drank the night away. You have to try this!!

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  1. Yum...I gotta get me some of this for sure!!

  2. 1. You are seriously SO sweet! 2.!!! This looks so delicious, apple pie is one of my favorite desserts of all time so I am stoked to try this! I love the fall look of it too! 3. Did I mention how sweet you are?!
    Thanks girly for letting me be one of your awesome co-hosts :-) xoxo

  3. Dangit.. I totally wanted to do this linkup this week and forgot! But I wrote it on my calendar for next week AND I already know what drink I'm making! Um.. after I make this.. because this just sounds.. AMAZING! :)

  4. Umm omg this sounds amazing. I now have a list of alcoholic drinks to make thanks t o you!

  5. Damn! I am actually making a fun little drank for work tomorrow, but need to actually make the fixin's tonight! I'll need to remind myself to link it up next week!

  6. Wow this sounds super yummy!! Hehe I may have to make a trip to the store:)