Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans...on Tuesday. Sorry...

I know...it's Tuesday...but I did some stuff this weekend so I wanted to share it. Even a day late...

Friday night I was so happy to be finished with the school week. I don't know why they expect us to be able to get through an entire week of classes the first week of school, but, they do. I did, however, make it at least one night without drinking. haha.

So...by the time the weekend came around, I was ready for something special. I have been craving sushi so what better way to celebrate the end of the first week and my birthday!! We went to my favorite sushi place, EVER, and got waaaaay too much food. This was only one plate. haha. Unfortunately, there were a ton of people there so it wasn't as good as usual. Just means we will have to go back soon!!

Saturday we were invited to a pig roast/ birthday party. Now... I don't condone watching animals cook, but....I have to admit I love pork pulled fresh off the pig. Sorry guys!! YUM!! Here piggy piggy!! The evening was full of great food and good dranks!! We all got pretty lit up, played some cornhole, and then got the fights. I fell asleep. haha.

Warning: The image below may be disturbing to some viewers. 

Then Sunday, we did my annual birthday adventure. As many of you know, my husband drag races. Every Labor Day weekend (which is also my birthday weekend, awesome huh?!?!) is Yellowbullet Nationals. It's a 3 day race just about an hour from where we live. So....my birthday weekend always consists of sweating my ass off at the track for at least one day. Mike's car has been sitting in the garage for 3 months so luckily I didn't have to deal with that. 

OOPS!! And I almost forgot!! Mike's parents made me breakfast for my birthday on Sunday morning. If I haven't already mentioned it, Mike's dad's sausage gravy is on freakin point!! It's the best sausage gravy I have ever had. I dream about this gravy....like for real. And...Pops loves me the most, so he made me a breakfast fried asparagus!! I love asparagus and they make it for me all the time. So this time he took pancake batter and fried some for me for breakfast. YUM!!!

Ugh...just looking at that makes me hungry. 

OK so that was it!! Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!!!



  1. Glad you are back! Roasting the Hog is quite common down here! If you love that you should come to our Pig Jig..you would love it!

  2. That food looks amazing and is making me hungry! I haven't been to a good hog roast in ages. Happy Birthday!

  3. ummm i want all that sushi! and happy birthday boo!

  4. I'm glad I ate before viewing that pic. yuck LOL