Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Slacker Edition

Yep. I'm a slacker. I didn't make a drink this week. But...I will provide you with the viewing pleasure and recipe of the drink I was going to try!! Sorry guys, this week kind of got in my way and I slacked a little. Again. That, and I'm kind of trying to save some money, so I was stuck with what was in my freezer this week. But...I'm saving up for next week. :)

Oh and no cohost again this week. Don't forget, if you're interested I'd love to have you. Just email me at I don't charge you anything and I make it super easy. So, if you're worried it will be hard, it won't!! twss

Anywhoo...this was the drink I found and I thought it looked hawesome!!

I tried to do something similar to this a while back and called it a Slutty Temple. This is the actual drink that I got the idea from. I pinned it three times onto my Sip, Sip, Slurp board on Pinterest, so I must have thought it looked good. I'll definitely be trying it this weekend.

Dirty Shirley

1 oz. cherry vodka
5 - 6 oz. Sprite
a splash of grenadine

I used to get Shirley Temple's every time I went out to dinner with my parents. I absolutely love the taste of them and sometimes mix in some maraschino cherry juice into my ginger ale just to get that flavor. Hopefully this is just as good!!

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  1. This looks yummyyy! I love any pink or red drinky drink ;-)I MUST try this, I have all the ingredients too!!

  2. I am totally linking up next week :)

  3. Yesss...that is my go to at weddings. It was actually the signature cocktail at a wedding I was just in because it's all we ever drink at weddings. Mmmm.

  4. ok, im actually going to make this. looks like what i need right now