Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites!!

I'm so excited it's Friday. This was my first full week in a while and it definitely seemed like it. It was so slow but at least it's over now!!

Today should be awesome. It's supposed to get in the 70's, although it's also supposed to rain, and it's the Oriole's home opener!! I love baseball season. We only get out to The Yard a few times a year, but we try to watch as many games as we can from the comfort of our own home. The home opener always makes me feel like summer is coming and the fact that it's going to be 70ยบ today only makes it that much better!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the week!!

favorite cocktail.
   I have to admit. I couldn't make up my mind about these cocktails this week. We had so many delicious ones. You seriously have to check them out. So, since I couldn't make up my mind on one, I chose two of my favorite cocktails this week. The two that caught my eye were the Scorpion (for one) from A Potable Pastime and a Sidecar from Olla-Podrida. Both of these use brandy which is lucky for me because my sister in law just left an almost full bottle at my house.

favorite home inspiration.
   I'm in love with this picture. One of the main reasons is because my house can actually look like this. Well, kinda. The layout is a little different, but not much. We have a place for our kitchen table right in the middle of the walkway between our kitchen and our living room, much like this. And I can never wrap my head around what table would go there to make it look the best. I think this picture has done it for me. The colors are very similar to what our living room is right now, and I can't wait to make this work!!

favorite summer school find.
   I ran across this recipe on Pinterest for making the bubble solution. I thought this would be a fun activity for Pre-k or Kindergarten to do this summer. They could help contribute to the making of the bubbles and then get their own canister to take home. Maybe we could even keep some there to play with at recess?

favorite recipe.
   OK, so I didn't really find this one. Truthfully, I guess it found me. I was watching Southern at Heart some time this weekend and she was talking about this Spinach and Artichoke Dip pasta she makes. I'm definitely going to try this out some time before we jump back on the healthy foods bandwagon. Or someone could take this recipe and make it healthy for me!! Any takers??

favorite purchase.
   A good friend of mine contacted me the other day talking about the Lardarius Webb Softball game coming up. For those of you who don't know Lardarius Webb is a Baltimore Raven. We're always talking about going to some of the practices or attending one of these events but we never do. This time, however, I found a coupon code that brought the normally $40 tickets down to $15 a piece. Who could pass that up?? So...we're going!! Can't wait to see those boys show some of their talents in other athletics!

Happy Friday lovies!!

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  1. So funny to see a football player playing softball. My husband is from Maryland so we are some of the few Ravens fans in SC. Love the bubble solution recipe and what a good idea to put it in a drink dispenser.

  2. the home picture is lovely and the bubble recipe is a great idea!

  3. That home photo is so beautiful! Love that bubble recipe idea! :)

  4. I definitely need to check out that homemade bubble solution- we went thru about 4 bottles of bubbles on Easter because my little guy kept knocking them over and spilling them! Have a great weekend girlie! xoxo

  5. Pretty, pretty table!! I heart baseball season so much and am so bummed that the closest thing we have to where we live is a minor league team. Baseball is baseball, right?? Hope you have a great weekend, love!

  6. That living room photo is so pretty. So relaxing and cozy. And love how the bubble solution is in the drinks dispenser! Such a cool idea! Hope you're having a fantastic week, and thanks for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. those chandelier lights in that living room are so dreamy.