Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DIY Personalized Wall Hanging

Yet again, I got this idea from looking at Pinterest. I have been wanting to do something, now that we are married, that represents us as a union in our house. What better way then to celebrate our last name?!

I have seen things like this all around the web. It is so cheap to do and super easy. The hardest part would be to find the frame that holds the right number of photos for your name. However, there is a way around this as well. I found it here and you simply buy enough single frames and hot glue them to a wooden board. I'm sure you could hot glue them together as well. She got hers from the Dollar Store which is even better!!

Frame (I found this one at Target for $20)
letters which can be found at this site for free!!

Easiest project ever!! Print your photos. I did mine at Walgreens and even printed a few of each letter. I think my total was $2.87 or something crazy. Put them in the frame and hang! Tah dah!!

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