Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Personalized Wall Decor

I will be the first to admit that I am a cheap frugal person. Nothing in my closet or in my house was bought at full price (unless that price was amazing!). I just refuse to pay in full when I know in a month those things will be on sale. Yes, sometimes I miss out on some beautiful items but I fully believe if I can't make it happen it wasn't meant to be. I love shopping at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Christmas Tree Shops, places like that. I know I'm always getting a good deal.

With that being said I also like nice things. For this reason, Pinterest has become my best friend. There are so many ideas on there that can be done at cheap prices but they are quality items. This summer I spent a lot of time decorating my house with ideas from Pinterest. I did an O'Neil wall hanging that represents us as a new family. I also did some bedroom hangings since our walls were so bare and the napkin hangings for our hallway. For once I feel like I'm actually putting my creative side to use. 

My friend just recently had a baby and I knew I wanted to give her something personalized and special. I feel like there are so many things that someone can give to another person, but when you make it yourself and do it from the heart I feel it gives so much more. You can truly share how much you care and how often you're thinking about that person. This project was very similar to the O'Neil frame that I did, only I used the birthdate of her son instead. 

As you might be able to tell they have a nautical theme to their nursery. I tried to go along with the colors they have, too. I found this frame at Michael's and it was on sale so I think I paid maybe $7 or something. The prints came from this site where you can download them for free. I had Walgreens print mine. The total cost of those was something like $0.60. Rose's had the bobber and blue rope. All I did was hot glue them to the glass. 

This was a simple, cheap present...but it had a lot of heart into it. I spent about an hour deciding which numbers would work perfectly for their theme. I also had to research how to tie a few nautical knots in order to add the extra blue rope. I just wanted it to be nice, and I hope I succeeded. 

My brother is also getting married this summer. He and his bride-to-be had their coed shower last weekend. I decided to do the same thing for them only I used their wedding date. I hope they hang this in their house one day and surround it with pictures from their wedding. I told Mike this and he said, "How come we don't have one??" so maybe that's next. 

For their frame I did something a little different. I cut out some of the flowers from their shower invites and added them to the frame mat. I thought it would be something they could have to represent their union for years to come, even if they don't keep the date in the frame. 

This turned out to be something that they really enjoyed. My soon to be sis-in-law noticed right away that they were from the invites. Their wedding had a very natural theme, if you get what I mean. She's doing burlap and wood, stuff like that. Therefore, I looked for some pictures that seemed to follow that theme too. I debated whether to keep the frames in their original color or to use a sepia color, but I figured with the flowers some color wouldn't hurt. Hopefully, like I said, this is something that they can keep and change with the different events of their lives. 

Here's the finished product...

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  1. OK So I LOVE these! I know you say they are easy but I think you should sell them...for real. I would buy them from you....because I can already think of 2 (possibly 4 dates) that I would want to hang in my upstairs hallway. what do you think? Give me a quote? LOL