Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hashtap Humpday

I'm over it. School that is. I think I have some senioritis, or "teacheritis" or something....but to be honest I'm just trying to make it until June 18th. Then my good old summer program starts on June 19th and I'm at it again. haha. I honestly think it's all about the drive. I'm over the drive. Especially on these beautiful days and it never fails that I get caught behind some grandma or grandpa going 4 mph. #movebitchgetouttheway #isitsummeryet #ineedadrink

My husband and I love Game of Thrones, but.......he read all the books. So? What's the problem? This season doesn't follow the books. Still don't get it? Let me clarify. Mike thinks this season is supposed to go the way it went in the books. After all, it is a series based off of books, but, since it's not...every mother effin' episode I have to listen to him talk about how it's different from the books. The past few seasons, while it went with the books, I had to listen to him talk about how much better the books were.....oh my. #justletmewatchitalone #winterisabitch #burnthebooks #ineedadrink

Anyone been watching Kandi's Ski Trip? I think there has only been one episode, but if I had aunts and a momma like Kandi and I had that much money I was handing out to them you better be damn sure that I would totally cut them off. They are so ungrateful!! I mean you're on a trip for free. I could give a shit less if I was given a trip to hell for a week...I'd go! Just for the experience. WTF is up with people who are so "entitled" that they feel the need to complain about something so graciously offered to them for free??? If you didn't want to be cold, don't go. You didn't have to accept the offer!! #rantdone #showmethemoney #ungratefulbetches

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  1. Ok - GoT - I get how some people who read the books are all strict to the story line - and I have read the books and am still okay with the differences. I mean, the author oversees the scripts and is asked permission before they film anything - - - so in my head, it's still HIS vision

  2. hahah I've heard a lot of people upset about GoT not following the books. somehow I missed the bandwagon on both though..... also. I definitely need summer vacation. I think it's wasted on the children. grown ups need summer vacation more.

  3. I can't stand Kandi's family either! Her mother is the WORST!

  4. This makes me so glad I didn't read the books! I read the first one after watching season 1-3 of GOT but it was soooo slow compared to the show and I already knew what was going to happen so it was sort of a snooze fest. I made the decision to not keep reading after that book and I'm glad I did because I would be really pissed too if it started going off from the books. I hate movies that screw up books so same concept haha. Maybe when the show is completely over I will read them - but then again I could just watch all of our blu-ray box sets instead.... I'M DYING BECAUSE I HAVENT SEEN SUNDAY'S EPISODE YET!! Hopefully tonight!

  5. I'm disappointed with some aspects of the show compared to the books. Mostly I'm just getting bored with it all together. The books, waiting for the next book, the show and it's slow pacing due to running out of material from the books and coming up with new I'm just losing interest. Winter is the slowest ever LOL! The first gif is amazing by the way! I hate bubble tests....