Monday, August 04, 2014

My "Summer Break" Bucket List

So it's officially my first day off this summer!!! I have two more weeks until we go back to school and I hope to get at least a few adventures in before the 20th. Mike and I have talked of a few fun suggestions rather than just sitting on our asses the whole time. I know...imagine us, actually planning some things!! Of course, everything always depends on Mike's work schedule, boo, but we'll see how much of it we can complete!!

* Beach Day!! (or 2 or 3...4?, maybe 5?) - We're less than 2 hours away from Ocean City, MD and we haven't been there once this summer. We need to fix that.

* Washington D.C. Trip - Mike and I like to go to D.C. every once in a while and just tour all the museums. Hell, most of the museums are free so it's a cheap trip. We usually take the metro in and bring lunch and it's so much fun!! We haven't done it in a while and I took my Horizons kids there this summer and it kind of jump started my interest again.

* Happy Hour in a new bar - We go to happy hour once a week. The only problem is it's always at the same place. Or 2 places. I have been watching Best Bars in America all day and it makes me want to try out some of the places around us. I've been doing some research so it's just a matter of making a decision.

* Cookout! - We just bought a patio set and all the cooking shows have awesome cookout ideas on lately and I have been really wanting to have a cookout. I really want to have it before I go back, but that means I have a total of 2 weekends, one of which Mike works, soooooo...

* Yard Sale! - You might remember about a month and a half ago when I helped Mom clean out her attic. I figured rather than throw all the stuff I'd never use again away, I might as well get some money for it. So...I'd really like to have a yard sale. It was supposed to be last month, but with Horizons and everything I never got the motivation to do it. Now that I have some time on my hands, I can plan and prep and do all that stuff that makes a yard sale successful.

So that's it. You know...not much to do in 2 weeks. But... at least I know I won't get it all done. I'm only making it as a plan. Fingers crossed!!! Wish me luck!!


  1. great idea!
    i actually have a 30 before im 3 bucket list on my page!

    Ellen from Ask Away

  2. I haven't made it to the beach yet this summer either. It's definitely a must do before the summer is over! :D

  3. Beach days and good happy hour spots sound perfect!