Monday, August 18, 2014

My last day off!!

Now that's my kind of back to school sale!!

Is it just me or has this summer totally just flown by. I'm sure everyone feels the same way, but it seems faster than ever this time. Grrr...However, that means fall is just around the corner and fall and spring are my favorite times of year!!

So I'm heading back to school on Wednesday. We have meetings alllllllll day long and boo, that usually just drains me. I'm thinking, however, that since Mike is off tomorrow, my last day, that we could do something fun.

Here's where you come in. I am the most indecisive person on the entire planet. So....HELP ME!!

Last time we decided we were going to do something we totally got drunk the night before and betched out, only to stay home and be lazy all day. Which isn't exactly a bad thing, but I should have taken advantage of the day off.

Here is my list...tell me what you would do!

Beach Day // we all love a beach day!! Requires an hour and a half drive there and back and spending money on lunch. Maybe some drinks!

Dinner and a Movie // A wonderful choice as always, but...we do that all the time which kinda takes away the excitement.

Washington DC // It's on my bucket list, but it requires a lot of work. It's so much fun, however!! But it's a little bit nicer to do in the spring or fall when it's not so hot. Another cheap option, though!!

Sushi // OK, so any excuse to have sushi is awesome to me, but there really isn't anything to do around our favorite sushi place. So sushi might be able to be combined with another option?? Or..any other thoughts that involve sushi?

I'm also open to any other suggestions. We have a lot around us but we don't want to spend too much money or too much time in the car. We also would rather not stay home and do something. We want to get out!!

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  1. Oh the beach day sounds heavenly! I'm with you on the drive though, 3 hours round trip is a long timeee lol

    Sushi sounds so fun! So do fajitas & Rita's, now I'm hungry :-D

  2. All sound fun! I would choose a beach day or DC...I'm sure you can get sushi quite easily when you're back working.