Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Giveaway: #TrackTheTank

You ladies...and gentleboys, if you're out there, although this doesn't really apply to you...are really in for a treat!!! If you haven't heard about this yet, listen up betches!!

Tia from Hands On, Pants Off and Candra from Camo & Lipstick came up with this amazing idea to allow bloggers to share their motivation and fitness journey with their readers. And...instead of the typical link-up...they are bringing this "link-up" to life with a traveling tank top!!

Kind of like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", the tank top will travel all over the United States and into the hands of 26 bloggers, including me (ahhhhhhh!!!). Each blogger will take a "selfie" with the tank, sign a special message, and then make a blog post about the motivation that helps them through each day.

Image Map
I'm super stoked because some of the women that will receive this tank are my biggest motivators and I feel honored to be involved in something like this with them. I can't wait to read each of the participants blog posts and look forward to hearing what keeps them going every day.

So where does the giveaway come in?? At the end of it all, one lucky reader will have the opportunity to receive this tank. Don't worry, we promised not to sweat in it!!

Wanna see my tank selfie?!?! Here it is!!!

Sorry about the face....we all know I can't just smile in a picture. We went to the track on Saturday and since I spend almost every Saturday of my summer there anyway, I thought it was appropriate. Plus...its the track...and we're TRACKing the Tank!! Or something....yeah....

So far it's traveled from Candra in New Hampshire, to Erin in Maine, then to Ang in New Jersey, and finally to ME here in Maryland!!! And by the time it's done, it will have traveled to all of these bloggers:

And now, on to my motivation!!

So...I'm going to be totally cliche' here and tell you that, my motivation husband. I know, I know....but what chick doesn't want to look good for her husband?!? Yeah, yeah, I know what they say "you should do it for you!!" but the truth is, doing it for him is doing it for me.

Being naked in front of someone takes a lot of confidence, even if it is your husband. And not only being naked, but feeling pretty in general. For me, I don't feel beautiful unless I think others feel the same way about me.

Sounds sad, but we all have it. It's the same reason that girls dress for other girls. We want others to think we're pretty, or trendy...whatever look you're going for. Otherwise, we would only have a wardrobe of yoga pants and oversized t-shirts. You want someone else to think you're beautiful.

And for me, Mike thinking I'm beautiful, is the best feeling in the world.

So now...the tank heads to Jasmine in Virginia!! Follow along on our journey!


  1. I love your selfie! I don't think your motivation is cliche at all. I totally agree with you on that.

  2. Awesome post lady!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think you spelled out what so many people truly think about 'why' they are trying to better themselves. Even if its for someone else, it truly is for both of you.
    Love the 'track' pic for the 'tracked' tank hahaha!

  4. Um I love this... that picture of the two of you is amazing, and if you don't have it printed on a huge canvas above your bed you should really be rethinking your decor. Just kidding boo, but I love you and I'm sorry it took me so long to comment on this....buttttttt I'm talking about your sweet ass on my blog tomorrow so check it.

  5. Awesome post! And I love that pic of you and your hubby too. So sweet:)