Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Party!!

Let me just explain....I LOVE St. Patrick's Day!! And half the time I don't even celebrate. haha. I mean that's what happens when you're a school teacher and you have to actually be able to function around children the next day. I mean, honestly...why can't it be like Thanksgiving and you just choose a Friday or Saturday in March for this holiday. Bars would appreciate it, I promise!

And, although I'll probably just have a private little celebration with my husband, I still want to hear the ideas from you guys!! Who knows, maybe we'll party hardy together. haha.

So, because it's a holiday, I can eat all the sweets I want. And I found this gem on Pinterest the other day. It's an Irish Car Bomb Cake!! Who doesn't love an Irish Car Bomb?? And in a cake??? Yes, please!!

Doesn't it look phenomenal?? Ugh...I want that in my mouth right now.

And thanks to Alli at Cupcake Diaries, she came up with a whole list of foods you can make for a St. Patrick's Day party! Um, check out the Thin Mint Brownies. *sigh* I think I'm in love.

And as for're welcome. I found some awesome ones!!! And they are all free or super simple.

How cute are these candles?? And you want to know what those green things are??? Split peas!!! How cheap and simple!! I might even do something like this for decor all year!! haha.

And another super simple decor option is this totally awesome canvas!! How easy is this?!?! I mean maybe 15 minutes worth of work?

And a few more....for these all you have to do is print. You can find them here, here, and here!!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for!! 

Shamrock Shooter!!

Tell me this doesn't look amazing! The recipe is super simple, too!! Most likely not everything you have in your cupboard, but it's St. Patrick's Day! Splurge!!

I knew for this I had to find a drank that uses Midori because it's the most beautiful shade of green there is. And Pinterest did not fail!

Midori Cosmo!!

The recipe for this, again, is really easy, but Midori isn't something a lot of people keep on hand. However, a Midori pineapple used to be my drank and if it's Halloween, you can always make one of my famous Dragon's Lair dranks!!

OK it's your turn!! Come link up your favorite St. Partick's Day party ideas!!

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  1. The Midori Cosmo looks amazing!! Irish Car Bomb in a Cake?! Sold!

    1. I know, right?!?! i could totally go for a piece of that cake right at this moment!

  2. I need a shamrock shooter, for sure

  3. I love St. Pattys Day! I wish i was doing something this year for it.

  4. I want that cake stat! I am so on the same page with you about it falling on a weekend instead, I need to be able to function Tuesday morning... It may not happen drinking those cosmos!

  5. GAH! I need that cake in my mouth RIGHT NOW!