Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Who doesn't love a shower beer?!?!

I was given this Shakoolie complimentary in return for an honest opinion of their product.

I mean honestly...ever start day drinking with a group of friends and then they say..."Hey let's all go out" and you think...ew, I haven't showered in days?? Who wants to stop drinking in order to ruin their buzz with a shower? Not this chick! least in our shower...the only place to put your beer is on the side, which then allows water to get in, and that's just a party foul. Well, ladies and gentle boys, let me introduce you to...

The Shakoolie!!

Shakoolie is a company that has created the ultimate shower beer solution! This divine invention allows you too keep that drank cold while continuing to keep the beer flowing as you partake in one of life's many necessary disturbances....showers!!

This thing is awesome. It sticks to your shower wall and the koolie velcros to the base. That means you won't even have to transfer koolies!! You can just pull it off and continue the festivities!! What?!?!

No longer will we have to ditch out on pre-gaming. Bring the party to the bathroom!! Hell...have a party in the shower!! The more the merrier!!

With the Shakoolie, who needs a hot tub? Fill your bathtub with hot water and bubbles and bring your beer and friends with you!!

And now, my ladies, you can take a soothing bath or shower after a long hard day and not have to worry about balancing your wine on the side of the tub. Grab yourself a Straw-Ber-Rita, stick that bad boy in the Shakoolie, light a few candles, pour some bubbles, and relax.

So head on over to and get yourself one!! Why?!?! Because they're only $9.99 and they will save your life!! Oh...and tell Phil I sent you!!


  1. lol very interesting! I could see myself doing this on the weekend!

  2. That might be the coolest thing ever!

  3. Bahahah... stop it... this is AWESOME! (Do they have something big enough to hold an entire bottle of pre-mixed margaritas???)