Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Friday Betchezzz!!

I wrote a blog post yesterday!!! I know, I know. Silly favorite,'s been so long!! Check it out! It has Channing Tatums butt in it!

I closed my Scentsy order out and got to order so. much. stuff!! I legit sat on my neighbors floor for about an hour and a half debating how I could get the most. Plus, I booked 4 parties off of mine, I get 4 more half price items at their parties. Awesome! It's so cool and I can't wait to get all my scents. Maybe I'll do a blog of my haul!! I spent a total of $63 and probably got about $300 worth of stuff if not more. Soooooo worth it.

I have a student at school who calls me "The Pretty Lady". I love her. Who cares if she calls like 4 other people "The Pretty Lady". At least they are all pretty, too. I wish I could keep her in my pocket so all the times Mike forgets to tell me I'm pretty I can take her out and feel wonderful. She's awesome.

I have 2 recipes to share with you!! You are going to have to wait until Tuesday to see so I can link up with Tuesday's Recipe Swap on Martinis and Bikinis and Green Fashionista. But I'm super excited!! One is perfect for this fall weather!!

I'm getting a review product in today that I'm super excited for. I can't wait to try it on.....hint, hint....and hopefully wear it to the wedding we have next weekend!! (hint, hint) It was so hard to pick but I think I made a good decision and I can't wait to see what it looks like on me! Stay tuned for the review!!

Sorry not sorry for the lack of pictures.

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  1. Love me some scentsy!!! Pumpkin Roll....yum!

  2. Ooh I love Scentsy! Thats so cute that a student calls you pretty lady! :)

  3. Aw the pretty lady! How cute is that! Looking forward to reading your recipe!

  4. Well duh you are a pretty lady, so why not be called so?!? :)
    And yippee on how much scentsy stuff you got, I just love their stuff so much!! I have bars up my butt, I just can't help myself.