Sunday, September 30, 2012

EASY Crockpot Ranch Chicken Tacos

So last night was a game night which means super simple dinner before the friends come over. Our house seems to be the game house and truthfully, we LOVE it that way!! After all, we have the 60-something inch tv, the huge couch, and a kegerator. Pretty sure it doesn't get better than that (except for the annoying pit bull :) whom I love). 

Before I left for work in the morning I put all the ingredients in the crock pot and set it on low. One awesome thing about this recipe is that is uses FROZEN CHICKEN BREASTS!!!! Only thing Mike had to do was shred the chicken about an hour before dinnertime. During the day Mike sent me a message that I was to go on a mission after school. Avengers in 3D came out this week so I had to go to Target and pick it up. The husband and I are obsessed with the superhero movies and love to spend our very few weekends together watching our 3D tv :). Sorry. Hope I'm not rubbing it in too much. lol. 

Anyway, it was a good thing I decided to do these crockpot tacos because by the time I got home we had no time at all!! Luckily all we had to do was heat up the tortillas and stuff!!

Here they are!!

EASY Crockpot Ranch Chicken Tacos

     1 can chicken broth (however I recommend only using about half or 3/4 of it)
     1 packet of taco seasoning
     1 packet of Ranch reasoning
     2-4 chicken breasts FROZEN!!!!

1. Place FROZEN :) chicken breasts into the crockpot. Cover with chicken broth, taco seasoning, and ranch seasoning. Do not stir or mix. Just leave it.

2. Put crockpot on low for 6-8 hours or high for about 3-4.

3. About an hour before eating, shred the chicken and let it sit in the broth mixture to soak in the flavor.

4. Stuff your tortillas and enjoy!!!!

THAT'S IT!!! These were so simple it's crazy. Something I can definitely do in the morning before work and have a nice dinner to enjoy when I get back. Next time we are going to try to use pork or beef and see what that tastes like. I'll let you know!!

     P.S. GO RAVENS!!!!

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